2017 Worlds Byes

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2017 Worlds Byes

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The following players have byes to Day 2 of the 2017 World Championship:

2016 Worlds Team Tournament- Ryan Jellison
2016 Worlds Team Tournament- Nick Reisch
2016 World Championship- Tom Haid
2016 World Championship- Reid Smith
2016 POY- Tom Kelly
2016 Texas Mini-Worlds- Steve Baroni
2017 Match Play Championship- Steve Harpster
2017 Match Play Championship- Brian Fred
2017 Match Play Championship Consolation- Trevor Partridge
2017 Match Play Championship Consolation- Matt Schmaltz
2017 Endor Grand Prix- Matt Sokol
2017 VA States- Grady Hutchins
2017 ND States- Jake Nelson
2017 Yavin IV Mini-Open- Chris Gogolen
2017 Coruscant Mini-Open- Greg Shaw
2017 MN Team Tournament- Adam Trunzo
2017 VA League- Lenny Rubin
2017 Bespin MPC- Mark Walseth
OMTS #10- Russell Chou
2017 WI States- Bryan Mischke
2017 MD States- Chris Westergard
2017 US Nationals- Chris Kelly
2017 WA States- Phillip Aasen
2017 MD League- Stephen Skilton
2017 WA League- Chris Wirfs
2017 MT States- Mike Turner
2017 OR States- Jacy Smith
2017 Nal Hutta Regional- Matt Scott
2017 Nal Hutta Regional- Tim Culver
2017 Dagobah Regionals- Jeremy DiPaolo
2017 Dagobah Regionals- Charlie Herren
2017 GA States- Mike Kessling
2017 Bespin Regionals- Cal Aldred
2017 Bespin Regionals- Jim Li
2017 MN States- Charlie Arlandson
OMTS #11 - Stephen Cellucci
2017 UT States- Jeremy Gardner
2017 NJ States- Vikram Bali
2017 Online League- Andy Wexton

Hall of Fame
Jonny Chu
Angelo Consoli
Justin Desai
Brian Hunter
Scott Lingrell
Chris Menzel
Emil Wallin
Kevin Shannon

If you find an error, or believe that you have a bye and are not listed, please PM me.

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