2017 Player of the Year Final Standings

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2017 Player of the Year Final Standings

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I'm posting a copy of these here, because I think they may get pruned out of General eventually.


With 32.5 points, earned through wins at the 2017 Match Play Championships & Coruscant Regionals, along with a 2nd place finish at the World Championships, your 2017 Player of the Year is......JONATHAN CHU!

Congratulations to Mr. Chu, as well as to the other top finishers. 2nd place was a tie at 28 points between Emil Wallin (1st at European Championships, Ryloth Regionals, Toola Regionals and 3rd place at Worlds) and Tom Kelly (1st at Endor Grand Prix, NYC Mini Open, 3rd at Match Play Championship, 4th at European Championship, 7th at Worlds)

Here are the official standings- thank you to everyone that participated in events this season and made it a great one! (557 participants in total)

Leaderboard Points
Jonathan Chu 32.5
Tom Kelly 28
Emil Wallin 28
Phil Aasen 21
Tom Haid 20.5
Justin Desai 17
Greg Shaw 16
Ryan Jellison 13.5
Chris Kelly 12
Steve Baroni 10
Ziemowit Skwara 9
Bryan Mischke 9
Steve Skilton 8
Chris Gogolen 8
Jimmy Faellens 6
Matt Sokol 6
Reid Smith 6
Koen Meijssen 6
Matt Scott 5.5
Joe Olson 5
Matt Wadden 5
Brad Kippel 5
David Destefanis 4
Jon Hollet 4
Angelo Consoli 4
Brian Fred 4
Steve Harpster 4
Michael Erisman 4
Mike French 4
Russell Chou 3
Jerome Nitschke 3
John Moorley 3
Kevin Japp 3
Patrik Csapi 3
Anthony Howard 3
Seth Acree 3
Jeremy DiPaolo 2
Nick Reisch 2
Steve Cellucci 2
Darren Pilbeam 1.5
Moritz Karge 1.5
Dugo 1.5
Matt Thornton 1.5
Cal Aldred 1.5
Marvin Tegeler 1.5
Jonathan Murray 1.5
Nico Oster 1
Jake Nelson 1
Chris Westergard 1
Lenny Rubin 1
Drew 1
Mike Turner 1
Jarad Konsker 1
Jim Li 1
Stephen Miller 1
Dan Tartaglione 1
Floris DeVries 1
Ross Littauer 1

John Anderson
Proofing, Tournament Committee, GEMP Team

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