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DS Region: Ralltiir
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Re: Live reporting

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Congratulations to Jonas Jacobsen for reaching the finals from the 7th seed of our part of the bracket and to Emil for winning the whole thing.

I won the first game 11-5 on time with my ISB against Jonas‘ Profit, his Home One really kept me busy in space.

Then fully lost the second game by 10 with my Y4BOps against his Hoth CR-v deck, that vintage Imperial decree was killing me.

Jimmy and i played the should-be semifinal afterwards and i won both games easily, my light working perfectly against his Invasion deck he played at the last EC, which I figured he might play again. But it was to no avail, we were both not good enough to get that far (also grats to Grady for ousting Jimmy, no small feat).

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Re: Live reporting

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JimmyFrench wrote:Grady play ISB and kick my Mind deck by a differential of 6.
He play TIGIH against Invasion and loss by only 4.
Congrats to him and good luck for next turn
Thanks Jimmy. It was an honor even getting to play against you. I’ve copied a bunch of your previous decks. I’ve been trying to build your MWYHL by memory. It looked really fun AND good. Can’t wait for The decklists to get posted!
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