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DS Region: Ralltiir
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Re: fantasy worlds

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Grats to Cal Aldred for winning this with a score of 2+3+4=9!

Two better teams of 1+3+4=8 or even 1+2+3=6 were possible, but not picked by anyone. 1+2+4 or 1+2+5 was not possible as that would have cost 110 points each.
Honorable mentions to Paul McPherson for being the only one picking both finalists and to Kyle Krueger for being the only one besides Cal to pick the most cost efficient player available, Hayes Hunter at 25 points.

"i know it won worlds,but it can't win anything in the local meta of michigan.we paly card for card what you ahve and still don't win"

My favorite decktech review on one of my decks.

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