Blaster Deflection lost function not enabled

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Blaster Deflection lost function not enabled

Post by NoLimit » ... ucpllrek1h

DS battle phase turn 4:
Cad Bane uses Scout Blaster to target Luke. With sufficient force saved. LS clicks Blaster Deflection, but only the used portion is enabled. I would have expected the used and lost functions both to be options. What am I missing?

LS Region: Coruscant
LS Region: Coruscant
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Re: Blaster Deflection lost function not enabled

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everything on the board seems right- so either Scout Blaster wasn't coded properly as a blaster, or blaster deflection has a glitch

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Re: Blaster Deflection lost function not enabled

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Yeah I ran into this one too and was sad. I'm also sad I haven't found the problem yet. It does seem to be a problem with Blaster Deflection, not the blaster or anything else.
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