European Vacation - Booking Details & Deadline

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European Vacation - Booking Details & Deadline

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Hi guys,

It's getting real now, and I need some commitments. First of all, here is the final agenda again.
Any Updates will be made here!! Please read the agenda again for a few updates.

European Vacation 2019 from September 23 -September 28th/29th

Date: (Monday – Friday)

The route is taking you through 4 countries (Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Germany) and has some very beautiful landscapes on the way (Rhine river, castles, nice old towns and of course Oktoberfest).

Google Maps Route:

Suggested Route – Day by Day:

Monday: Brussels
Leaving the Monday after worlds in a 3 hour drive to Brussels, where you get to see the European parliament, the Atomium (big impressive statue from an old Expo in Brussels) and the city itself.
Continue driving in the evening to stop shortly before Luxembourg.

Tuesday: Luxembourg, Strasbourg and Freiburg
You will see small, but beautiful country Luxembourg, and then keep driving through France to arrive in the afternoon in Strasbourg with its famous cathedral. In the evening we could arrive in Freiburg, which has a beautiful old town, and we will have a special viewpoint sightseeing. We will drive halfway towards Neuschwanstein, and take a hotel in a nice scenery in between.

Wednesday: Castle Neuschwanstein
One of the most famous sightseeing spots in Germany is Castle Neuschwanstein, which is located in the middle of the Black Forest (good for cake, bad for witches). To actually being able to enter the castle one has to arrive super early and even then might only get tickets for the afternoon. That makes it a full day trip. Tickets are around 17 Euro. I will try to get reservations of course. We will sleep either in Munich or on the way to there.

Thursday: Munich and Oktoberfest
Bus traffic is not so easy in Munich so will will travel with the subway (day ticket included in the total fee). The morning will be spend in Munich to explore the city and go to Oktoberfest from there. I have reserved tickets for us in the most famous of the tents, the Hofbräu Festzelt (organized by the famous Hofbräu Haus) from 11:30 - 16:00 (4 pm). Afterwards, we can first take a walk around the Oktoberfest, which is like a county fair, and then visit other smaller tents that don't require reservation (if we can still stand).

Friday: Munich to Stuttgart to Frankfurt
We will travel from Munich to Stuttgart, which was almost destroyed in Avengers I by Loki. The city, palace garden and opera house are sightseeing stops. At noon, you have an option to travel to Frankfurt if you have to return early to the US from there (1,5 hours by train). We will drive on towards another beautiful city, Rüdesheim at the Rhine river. There will probably be another opportunity to travel to Frankfurt from there in the evening or next morning (it's very close).

Saturday: Rhine River with Lorelei Rock
This is one of the most beautiful areas of Germany. We will make a mini trip on the river for that day, and spend the whole day on a voyage around the Rhine area with castles, towers and statues. This would include a 3 km hiking as part of the trail. Please let me know, if you are NOT up for that, then I'll search for an alternative. In the evening we will drive to Bochum and stop at the Acora hotel as end of the bus tour.

Sunday: Optional Düsseldorf or Cologne Tour
Since several participants are thinking about leaving earlier for airports, and cannot use the bus in the final days, I arranged for an earlier return on Saturday evening. Going from Bochum by train/subway to Düsseldorf takes 1 hour and to Cologne takes 1,5 hours, so that is definitely the less expensive option for every-one.

The (maximum) cost per person is:

Total amount: 770 €

That includes basically everything except for food/drinks, and whatever you want to do on your own.
Hotel, bus, Oktoberfest, Neuschwanstein, River ride, etc. is in there.

The bus and Oktoberfest tents are already booked and reserved, but there are a few other things that I need to book and pay soon. The hotel in Munich at Oktoberfest, as well as the one in Luxembourg are getting expensive fast, so I need to book them.

If you are in for the tour please transfer 300 € via paypal to till 31st March!
You can select the currency (Euro) with paypal, and please send it "as a gift" (otherwise they will charge a fee for it).

Should you be low on cash, then please transfer at least a part of it, and let me know.

If you want to join later:
It's possible in general. The more we are, the cheaper it will become per person.
BUT I have to book the expensive parts, like Munich hotel soon, and it might be much more expensive later (or you may have to use another hotel then the rest of the group). If you have not figured out all parts of your journey yet, but want to make sure you are at least "save" for Munich then please transfer 100-200 Euro for that.

Chris (Euro Emperor) Menzel
Hannover - Germany

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