Team Wales does Worlds... Cough, Cough Beer Wars

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Team Wales does Worlds... Cough, Cough Beer Wars

Post by Darth Eweuge »

I understand this is a rather late ramblings from the small event called Euro Worlds II.
After getting home from the week long event, my neglected family & business became my only focus, as you could well imagine.

This is not a tournament report. While I enjoyed every single game that I had the privilege to play over the weekend, recalling each one in detail is not my strong suit when my head was full with running around and organising. To be completely honest I did not even have time to build any decks in the weeks leading to Worlds, thank you Tamás for letting me push your pieces of card around the table.

Firstly, I would like to thank every one who has messaged me or posted on the forums about how great an event 2019 Worlds was. It's nice to know that the goals myself, Chris and Tamás set were achieved.
While there are many other hidden heroes that helped make Worlds what it was, I’m sure everyone will agree with me when I say a big Thank You to Chris and Tamás for running the weekend and making worlds memorable.
The list for thank you’s is huge and I’m sure other people have said it more elegantly than I ever could, so with that out the way… below are the ramblings of a Welsh idiot and his experiences related to Euro Worlds II.

Meeting up with my European friends which at this point are like family is always eventful, even if it looks like we won't be apart of Europe any longer :(
We always have a blast and every year it keeps getting better and better. Then this year we got to meet up with so many new Americans that we have only heard about on the forums, what a privilege it was to introduce you all to the way Europe hosts events. So many amazing introductions and stories from the weekend I'm sure you will all agree.

Across this side of of the pond Team Wales are know for 2 things, drinking and prize support, realistically we only do one of them well.

Planning for EWII started for me November 2018, after complications with my business meant that I was unable to attend 2018 Worlds. This was truly gutting that I could not attend, so my focus turned to EWII.
Every pice of prize support that Team Wales gave out over the weekend was planned months in advance. Often once a single idea for a cool gift was completed it would then snow ball into another 2 additional items. As an example…
At the beginning of the year lanyards and Pins were talked about which asked the question, ‘how are we going to hand them out,’ naturally leading us to think up branded gift bags for everyone. You can see how this got slightly out of hand very quickly ;)

Im not going to go into great detail listing everything that was given away, for those that did not attend I’m sure if you ask around you will get an idea, however I can say that I fully enjoyed working and crafting every single item. Getting to see players excitement over the weekend was the icing on the cake.

At this time, I feel I need to talk about the elephant in the room …..


Wow, just wow. Not in my wildest dreams did I anticipate this individual part of the prize support becoming the monster that I see before me.
It’s been talked about in 5 separate threads on the forums, Chris sent me a video of Jacy trading on the bus during the European Vacation after EWII, players playing it at the table during the annual after event steak house visit Sunday night and the table full of Americans sat all day Sunday trading, building decks and playing games. Amazing…

People have been asking how they can also get more/additional stickers to complete collections and make decks and also introduce/play with fellow SWCCG players that would get kicks out of it…. More on that below.

For those that have no clue to what I’m rambling on about, Beer Wars is a game Team Wales created for EWII, It can be played 1v1 or multiplayer of up to 6 people.
All you need is a deck of 30 stickers and your ready to play. While it can be fun playing 1v1 this game really shines in multiplayer, where backstabbing, * and alliances are made and destroyed.
Every person who Pre-reg for EWII was included in the set, 76 total individual players. Each player was given stats…. Americans can blame Chris for your stats, looking at you Greg Shaw… however after admitting you were drinking Raddle on Sunday surly you have no room to complain about your drinking stat ;)
In the set each individual has two versions, a regular standard copy and a foil “stat enhanced version,” both for collecting if you wanted to collect them all. I included a checklist and rules on how to play which were given out in a A5 four pocket binder, so players had some place to store their growing collection.
Now the important part …. Over 1000 booster packets were handcrafted and given away during play Saturday. Every player received 4 booster in their gift bag at registration and the rest was handed out during games by Tamás.
Each blue Beer Wars booster had 7 regular random stickers and 2 foil stickers.
With a special Gold booster which included 4 random foil stickers and 1 AI ultra rare gold sticker. Like the good old days eh ;)

The story behind Beer Wars is a simple one,

During 2018 Europeans Bibi, the amazing lady who looks after us every single year when we visit the Four Winds, commented on how cool it would be to have a foil card with her on it after seeing some of the personal gifts we have made for players in pervious years. So the seed was planted for some type of personal gift for Bibi, so she could go around collecting autographs.

Chris talked about Lanyards for EWII and mentioned how cool it would be to have not only each name/forum but also a photo on as well. At this time I was slightly bummed that Team Wales could not hand out our usual prize support and needed to come from a slightly different approach.
We have been handing out hand crafted Booster packets for some time in Europe and I wanted our American friends to experience this, so the idea to combine the booster packets and lanyards together made perfect sense. Little did I know at this point we were looking at 71 players, 74 individuals including the 2 bar owners Damion, Stich and of course Bibi.

After Feb 2019 I had the game locked in, some rule changes followed, at this point I was thinking along the lines that the gimmick of Beer Wars was for people to collect not play the game, how wrong was I.
Production started as soon as I had images for players, this was around July, with the finishing touches to the boosters in the 11th hour Tuesday night 3am before I left.
I prebuilt 5 decks for EWII and Team Wales played during our ferry over to mainland Europe, it was brutally funny, I should have killed Marc the Pirate off 3 times and on the fourth he played a Power Up that left me vulnerable to die next turn, which I did.

Whats Next….

All the kind words for Beer Wars has not gone unnoticed, its very humbling for sure to know that it was well received.
For all the players not in the know, I am a member of the PC’s marketing team (with all the PC foils and images I craft they had to include me somewhere :lol: ) So if this is something that players like and would want to see again please post below so we can gauge your feedback.
This project took a lot of time, energy and investment from me, so if players would like to see Beer Wars return as say a pre-reg deadline bonus once a year at a major speak up.

As for this EWII 2019 set, I know some of my American friends have played a lot more games than I could ever imagine, please feel free to PM me your insights. I know of at least 1 errata to a particular batch of Power Up’s I plan to make, let me know what you think as well, good, bad and ugly.
After all the weeks of man hours and late nights it took to get Beer Wars out leading up to EWII, if you’d asked me then ‘would I consider making more’ the answer would be an out right no. Now after seeing all the posts in the Beer Wars Have/want’s thread, how can I not make some more at some point going forward. It won’t be any time immediately, I have a wife I quite like and don’t want to piss her off any more than I already have over the past few months, also my other duties for the PC need to come first.
My plan eventually is to put the 75 individual standard sticker player stats from Beer Wars 2019 EWII set in a single PDF all WB, so the players that attended EWII will have the original limited grey boarder stickers. The will be more on this to follow.

Lastly, I want to say a massive thank you to the other idiots that make up Team Wales (John, Pete and Marc the pirate) for putting up with me and everything I get us into, with out their knowledge of course.
If it wasn’t for my team behind me nothing would get done. We were sat in the hotel room Friday afternoon, beer in hand, with a small production line that would put the sweatshops in Asia to shame while we made up all 75 individual gift bags. I know you Tamás and Bill are not “technically” Team Wales but I worked you both all the same ;) thank you.

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Re: Team Wales does Worlds... Cough, Cough Beer Wars

Post by gogolen »

Absolutely awesome job on the Worlds swag, and as I often tell you, let me know what we can do to help you.

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Re: Team Wales does Worlds... Cough, Cough Beer Wars

Post by chriskelly »

Oh man - I wasn't there and haven't seen the cards in person, but I am absolutely stoked about what you have done and would LOVE to see it happen again if you're up for it. I missed out the first time and it'd be great to make up for that!

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Re: Team Wales does Worlds... Cough, Cough Beer Wars

Post by quesosauce37 »

definitely interested, maybe there can be an expansion set for the 420 folks!
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Re: Team Wales does Worlds... Cough, Cough Beer Wars

Post by Madmanwithabox »

This was an amazing experience, the work that went into making this happen is truly impressive, well done.
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Re: Team Wales does Worlds... Cough, Cough Beer Wars

Post by Silverglen »

Kev and team Wales - massive thanks as always for the amazing care and effort that goes into everything you do. On a personal note I actually know that Kev is really good at Star Wars cards so I’m looking forward to him piloting some decks competitively in the very near future!
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Re: Team Wales does Worlds... Cough, Cough Beer Wars

Post by Yoshi »

Great read and thanks for the background on BW!

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Re: Team Wales does Worlds... Cough, Cough Beer Wars

Post by spideyguy0 »

You guys are amazing
Casey A. - New York, NY
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Re: Team Wales does Worlds... Cough, Cough Beer Wars

Post by Shadow 14 »

Big hugs and kisses for making all this a reality, Kev!!
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Re: Team Wales does Worlds... Cough, Cough Beer Wars

Post by Yoda007 »

If there is ever going to be an award for the Volunteer of the Decade, it's definitely yours!

Thanks all the cheer!
Tamas Papp

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Re: Team Wales does Worlds... Cough, Cough Beer Wars

Post by Emkay09 »

You and the other Welsh guys involved are amazing. Not only that you bring year after year new amazing AIs to the European tournaments, also your little fun games (starting with some Welsh bountys on the first years to your "team tournament", Podracing, AIs in f.. booster packs, your Set 11 spoiler booster until Beer Wars now) become more awesome every year. You and your friends should be volunteer of the decade as Tamas said. I am in for that.

I am also in for future Beer Wars sets, even if I haven't played it yet. Maybe someone can program GEMP for it. :-D
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