GEMP handles + forum names

September 11-13
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Re: GEMP handles + forum names

Post by Yoda007 »

If your name is not on the list, you will not be able to play! So, if you can't see any of your team mates up there, let them know it's need for GEMP and for the other players to find you.

Tamas Papp

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Re: GEMP handles + forum names

Post by CRG »

Also on my team so we make sure it gets in.

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rsersen wrote:
February 25th, 2020, 1:51 pm
MYWHL club
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Re: GEMP handles + forum names

Post by Peter-Let-The-Wookie-Win »

forum name Peter-Let-The-wookiee-Win
gemp name bringhim
aka Bringhimb4me

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Re: GEMP handles + forum names

Post by Martindb »

MartyMcFly on gemp
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Re: GEMP handles + forum names

Post by retwin316 »

Retwin316 all around!

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Re: GEMP handles + forum names

Post by sac89837 »

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Re: GEMP handles + forum names

Post by Batmouse »

Yoda007 wrote:
September 28th, 2020, 12:35 pm
Names - Forum handle & GEMP handle

all the players, could you, please, post your handles here, so we can set the league up on GEMP + your opponents can find you.

Players' entered (forum/GEMP):

1. rhendon/rhendon
2. londonsean/londonsean
3. Madmanwithabox/Tardis
4. Death Star/zlorfik
5. dillen/dillen
6. arebelspy/arebelspy
7. aermet69/aermet69
8. Calaglin/ce
9. PatrikTheHun/blackfire
10. Jedicon/jokerking
11. Silverglen/Silverglen
12. Blarg/MatthewHT
13. Baron Soontir Fel/BSF
14. Kessling/Troop1023
15. alex-1/alex1
16. ketwol/ketwol
17. Corran/corran
18. Steve Buscemi/Steve_Bus
19. flaminmonkee/noreply
20. PaulMyers/pmyers
21. mightymaul/mightymaul
22. Peter-Let-The-wookiee-Win/bringhim
23. Martindb/MartyMcFly
24. Retwin316/Retwin316
25. sac89837/sac89837
26. Shadow 14/ ???
27. JimmyFrench/ ???
A reminder that your screen name is case sensitive. For me to enter you into the league it has to be exactly how you enter it on gemp please.
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Re: GEMP handles + forum names

Post by Ericobasso »

Forum: Ericobasso
Gemp: Ericobasso

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Re: GEMP handles + forum names

Post by Commander Fox »

Fox on gemp 🦊

(team Frostwurzel)


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Re: GEMP handles + forum names

Post by Shadow 14 »

shadow 14 = euroemp
JimmyFrench = JFrench
Chris (Euro Emperor) Menzel
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Re: GEMP handles + forum names

Post by Baron Soontir Fel »

thrawn3661 (gemp) /Thrawn3661 (forum)
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Re: GEMP handles + forum names

Post by Paul McPherson »

Paul McPherson/PMcPherson
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