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December, Online
LS Region: Alderaan
LS Region: Alderaan
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Re: Interest List

Post by Batmouse »

Yes I’ll play though I guess I’ll be hoping to be eliminated prior to my birthday on the second weekend

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Darth Eweuge
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DS Region: Naboo
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Re: Interest List

Post by Darth Eweuge »

Interested, but want to see all the details first.
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DS Region: Endor
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Re: Interest List

Post by mrfahrenheit7 »

Kessling wrote:Likely, yes. More concerned about GEMP lag than anything given my pod experience at TMW.
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World Champion
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Re: Interest List

Post by arebelspy »

The lag has been a lot better in the last few weeks since they put a (potential) fix in.

I'm sure they'll try another stress test, but hopefully that won't be a problem.

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Reflections Pack
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Re: Interest List

Post by londonsean »

Yes - probably. Yes?

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Re: Interest List

Post by stealtheblind »

Gregory Shaw

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Re: Interest List

Post by veez »

Yes, I'm likely to play

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LS Region: Kashyyyk
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Re: Interest List

Post by Hayes »

Kessling wrote:
October 8th, 2020, 11:18 am
Likely, yes. More concerned about GEMP lag than anything given my pod experience at TMW.
For me too

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Re: Interest List

Post by kryptofis »

Interested, but want to see all the details first.

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Re: Interest List

Post by caldred »

Very likely to be in

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Re: Interest List

Post by itcouldbewirfs »

Chris Wirfs

It's Wirfs!


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Re: Interest List

Post by challenger »

Edward Chien

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Re: Interest List

Post by gavino1983 »

Yes, I am interested in playing in worlds.

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Enhanced Product
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Re: Interest List

Post by Silverglen »

Interested for more details
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Re: Interest List

Post by AncientTome »

Yes, I’m likely to play. I’d echo others in saying that finalizing the schedule would be helpful—I’ll need to make arrangements on my end, and those are easier the earlier they’re done.

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Re: Interest List

Post by Rambows »

I am interested. Like many of those who have responded, I could use more details by November. I work a stupid schedule with Covid taking over the world. This would be my first major event in SWCCG since the late '90's. I played in a Sealed Tournament and went against the World Champion and beat him by 27. I thought I was the best player there after wiping out everyone in limited.

Then I was humbled as I played in the National event (I believe this is correct. My friend said that it was Worlds), and got paired against my best friend in round 1 (the luck), and got steamrolled pretty much all day when using Dagobah LS. Court Musicans was good for me though. The only awesome match that I had all day, was that I played against a Decipher Rep playing DS Hoth, dropped Beggar down, FIrst Strike, played the whole team, Don't Get Cocky, did 40 damage to him when he 2 ghhk in hand, he threw his cards at me in disgust, and my confidence was restored. I never even said one word the entire match. It was funny.

Paul McPherson
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LS Region: Naboo
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Re: Interest List

Post by Paul McPherson »

I'm interested provided that the timings work out OK for European players (i.e. finished by 1:00 CET).
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Re: Interest List

Post by ketwol »

Interesting depending on the timing / schedule (regarding time zones).

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Re: Interest List

Post by CRG »

Interested. Need to sort out timing of pods, etc.

Update: Got the functional OK from my better half.
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Steve Buscemi
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Re: Interest List

Post by Steve Buscemi »

Timing seems to be key for me as well. Timeslots where I am not forced to play well after midnight, especially on Sunday are rather important. Also knowing if you need to play on both days during the (first) weekend is rather essential for me, as Saturday the 5th of december in the Netherlands is sort of a national holiday.

So interested but need to know more details before I can make any further decisions.

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