Congrats Joe Olson

December, Online
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Congrats Joe Olson

Post by DTartagOne »

Congrats on an insane Worlds Victory!

Dan "Tortellini" Tartaglione
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Re: Congrats Joe Olson

Post by imrahil327 »

Congratulations Joe, incredible tournament for you!
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Re: Congrats Joe Olson

Post by dillen »

Well done, Joe! Congratz

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Re: Congrats Joe Olson

Post by chriskelly »

Congratulations, Joe! Complete domination the whole event!

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Re: Congrats Joe Olson

Post by Xanth »

Congrats!!!!! You most definitely earned it
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Re: Congrats Joe Olson

Post by Archmage »

Well done!
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Re: Congrats Joe Olson

Post by Solidsnack3 »

Grats on the win, 2020 champ! Very happy for you!
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Re: Congrats Joe Olson

Post by Hayes »

Well deserved victory!

And congrats to Quirin, too! He had a phenomenal showing.

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Re: Congrats Joe Olson

Post by gossuii »

Congrats Joe, well done! And well deserved. Another Endor WC

And Quirin, what a showing, well done. Keeping Europe's hono(u)r up!
Gosse Z. - Seattle

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Re: Congrats Joe Olson

Post by quickdraw3457 »

Congrats Joe! :-D

Well done to all the top 8, lots of new names there, and especially to Quirin!
Matt C. - Pittsburgh, PA
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Re: Congrats Joe Olson

Post by spideyguy0 »

Congrats Joe! Long time coming and well deserved!
Casey A. - New York, NY
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Re: Congrats Joe Olson

Post by gogolen »

Congratulations Joe, and to Quirin as well for a tremendous performance this year.

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Re: Congrats Joe Olson

Post by stimpy »

Congrats Joe, well done!

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Re: Congrats Joe Olson

Post by darkjediknight11 »

nice job joe!
-Keith Brown

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Re: Congrats Joe Olson

Post by sac89837 »

Congratulations Joe!
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Re: Congrats Joe Olson

Post by rsersen »

Congrats Joe, great play all tournament (and great streaming coverage to boot) - well deserved!
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Re: Congrats Joe Olson

Post by arebelspy »

Thanks everyone! Fantastic event, even disregarding my bias towards the outcome. :lol:

I enjoyed all of my games against top quality opponents, was run really smoothly, really appreciate the hard work many people put in, and the support and congrats from everyone. :-D

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Re: Congrats Joe Olson

Post by Ericobasso »

Congratz Joe. Amazing performance.

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Re: Congrats Joe Olson

Post by Commander Fox »

Congrats to Joe for winning the first ever online world championship!

And a special shout out to Quirin for representing the Euro’s and performing like a (future?) champ!


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Re: Congrats Joe Olson

Post by aermet69 »

Well done Joe. Well deserved!

Well done tournament. I didn't get to watch that much, but had to stay up to see if quirin could do it after an amazing semi.
- Casper Jørgensen
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