Holotable Question

This section is for players to find PC resources for SWCCG, as well as to discuss Holotable, [sw-ip], vKit, and other offsite Player resources.
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Holotable Question

Post by OrehRuoy »

Could you add your own cards to it and play someone else with the same list of cards/files. Would you be able to play on the regular server or have to direct connect. Just not sure if the server checks card list or how that works.

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Re: Holotable Question

Post by quesosauce37 »

holotable doesnt AFAIK check to make sure that both players are using the same card pool, but for your opponent to see the same images/text youd have to both be using the same CDF file

i think you could do it, but im not sure how to do it

we used to to playtesting on holotable, and its probably pretty similar
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