Star Wars or The Game Itself?

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Re: Star Wars or The Game Itself?

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hanotsri wrote:I am curious what draws (drew) people to SWCCG. Was it the IP? The actual game mechanics? How the IP is reflected in the game mechanics? I know Wars was around after the license was lost, but was the game just as good without the same IP?

Personally for me, it's the only Star Wars card game that has "felt" like Star Wars to me. I've played a little bit of the TCG, LCG, and Destiny. They've just not been able to give me that same feeling. I am super appreciative of the PC for keeping this thing going.

On the flip side, the game mechanics themselves feel so "Star Wars" to me that I never had a strong desire to ever look at the Wars card game either. From what I understand, it uses generally the same mechanics.

I am curious about others thoughts on this.
Not just that it was Star Wars, but the graphic design on the 2 player boxes and cards was beautiful. Being a Magic player may have made a difference, I knew I liked TCG's because of it.

Of course, the mechanics were great and I loved to build all sorts of decks. The latter was harder than with Magic though. You needed a bigger collection because many cards were just way more specific.

Wars TCG works slightly different, with more allegiances and separate loyalty icons for them. It didn't have objectives, epic events or the other very specific scene-related cards that SW had. But they did invest in plenty of lore, it had personality and (old school sci fi) style all the same.

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Re: Star Wars or The Game Itself?

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chriskelly wrote:
seitaer wrote:I came for the star wars I stayed for the game
me too...oh and the people that play it too

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Kevbozzz wrote:I agree 100% with Gogolen's responses.
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Re: Star Wars or The Game Itself?

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I came for the Star Wars and have stayed for the people. My interest in the game was probably the highest between 2009 and 2014, and since the reset it hasn't been as high, but the friends I've made during that time have kept me around. The lore of Star Wars was what brought me into the game--giving names and stories to all of the cool background characters that inhabit the galaxy. I was fascinated by the minute details of the nooks and crannies of the Star Wars galaxy as a kid, and that is still what attracts me to Star Wars--far more than the central narrative. I definitely empathize with the statement that lack of lore on new cards is a hindrance to overall enjoyment. This is why as a designer both on the main team and as an individual I always made strides to make the gametext of cards speak about what they represent, in essence replacing with feel what lore might state directly.
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Re: Star Wars or The Game Itself?

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Picked up the game when I was 9 because I loved Star Wars. The game made me a bigger Star Wars fan (and probably a more intelligent human being). When I decided to come back ~4 years ago, it was 100% because of the game itself. The reason why I keep playing is probably 33% the game and 67% the people.
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Re: Star Wars or The Game Itself?

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I consider myself among the people who started because of the game being Star Wars and stay with the game DESPITE being Star Wars (from 2015 on), because of the game itself and the people who play and make it.

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