Bad Deck Breakdowns - 15 - Hyperdrive

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Bad Deck Breakdowns - 15 - Hyperdrive

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At long last, we discuss Matt's pet deck Hyperdrive! ... drive.html

Matt's hyperdrive primer: viewtopic.php?f=1089&t=72741


1x Aayla Secura
1x Chewie With Bowcaster
1x Lando With Vibro-Ax
1x Maz Kanata
1x Solo
2x Master Qui-Gon (AI) (V)
1x Ahsoka Tano With Lightsabers
2x Anakin Skywalker, Padawan Learner
1x CT-5385 (Tup)
2x Captain Rex, 501st Legion
2x Commander Cody
3x Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padawan Learner (AI) (V)
2x Padme Naberrie (V)
1x Anger, Fear, Aggression (V)
1x Credits Will Do Fine
1x Evacuation Control (V)
1x Jedi Business
1x Projection Of A Skywalker
1x Relatively Unprotected
1x We're Leaving (V)
1x Wokling (V)
1x A Jedi's Concentration
1x Blaster Deflection
1x Clash Of Sabers
1x Escape Pod & We're Doomed
1x Free Ride & Endor Celebration
1x Heading For The Medical Frigate
1x Houjix
1x Jedi Levitation (V)
1x Odin Nesloor & First Aid
1x Perimeter Scan (V)
1x Quite A Mercenary (V)
1x Rebel Barrier
3x Rescue In The Clouds (V)
2x Sorry About The Mess & Blaster Proficiency
1x The Bith Shuffle & Desperate Reach
3x Wesa Gotta Grand Army
1x Ahch-To: Saddle
1x Naboo: Boss Nass' Chambers
1x Tatooine
1x Tatooine: City Outskirts
1x Tatooine: Watto's Junkyard
1x The Hyperdrive Generator's Gone (V)
1x Acclamator-Class Assault Ship
1x Ric In Queen's Royal Starship
2x Jedi Lightsaber (V)
1x Qui-Gon Jinn's Lightsaber (AI)

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