Day 1

October 19th - October 22nd
PasTimes; 8351 1/2 Golf Road; Niles, Illinois 60714
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Taco Bill's game against Kevin was classic. One of the best games to watch ever.


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I take it Kevin wasn't the "random guy"?

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Final results, Day 1:

Brian Fred - 12 (128)
Bill Kafter - 8 (31)
Brant Wood - 6 (59)
Rustan Sharer - 6 (28 )
Michael Richards - 6 (26)
Bill D!cks - 6 (3)
David Beaubier - 6 (-5)
Sean McGrath - 5 (-36)
Kevin Brownell - 4 (-12)
Dan Ward - 4 (-67)
Bob Kastner - 3 (-73)
Michael Bahr - 0 (-82)

Automatic Bids into Day 2:

Brian Fred
Bill Kafter
Brant Wood
Rustan Sharer
Its been fun. Thanks guys.

LS Region: Dantooine
LS Region: Dantooine
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Richards missing the cut by 2 differential..... ouch.

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Wow, Michael Richards out? That's awful. Anodos and maxbeedo are absolutely right, he is solely responsible for keeping the Dantooine region alive. Nick Reisch was even gracious enough to hold a Regional just so Mike could try and get his bye but alas, didn't work out.
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Fred this is all his game you know. Fred is the MAN. HAHAHAAH Take it down ALL IN Fred hahahah.
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Well, congrats to all those who placed!
Best of luck to everyone.
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Brian Fred
Bill Kafter
Brant Wood
Rustan Sharer
good job guys. I heard Rustan timed 2 games too.
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CRingwell wrote:
Brian Fred
Bill Kafter
Brant Wood
Rustan Sharer
good job guys. I heard Rustan timed 2 games too.
A lot of people timed a lot of games - round 1 3 of the 6 matches went to time and the last round I believe 2 did. That's why I thought I had a chance at 3-3, all of my wins were 2 pt wins, but alas, only 6th.
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Sorry to hear that, Bill. How did your lightside deck do?
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what was brian fred playing?
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Brian Fred and I were both playing WYS Raiders and Hunt Down.
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