What did you play?

October 19th - October 22nd
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PapaLorax wrote:my 'cave rules' knowledge is clearly lacking.

i believe you said that on your turn you are at the sector.

why can't I battle you at the sector?
You can. Odds are though, you're afraid of the super awesome asteroid destinies. Also, I believe his deck plays some evasion in space.


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SandrockCustom22 wrote:Why does the DS pass on its battle phase action?
You have to pass eventually when you run out of actions to take. Then LS passes too and the phase ends. Creature eats. Ship relocates. No more battles (the phase has ended).

The deck's worst enemies are [card]Presence Of The Force[/card], [card]Visage[/card], or any spy deploying with a ship (Mara works nicely). That lets you deploy straight to the Big 1 and battle the Y-wing during your turn.
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You can't use Mara Jade (V) she is not a pilot..
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Great report, thanks for posting it. Look forward to the next :).

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