Props to Henry Thread

October 4th - October 7th
PasTimes; 8351 1/2 Golf Road; Niles, Illinois 60714
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Props to Henry Thread

Post by band_member »

Being the props are being given to Henry, I thought it might be a good idea to consolidate them all here.
Props to Henry for running a good tournament and putting up with my badgering.
Props also to Nate for giving up his day 2 bye to help out. I don't know how many people would have done that.

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Post by Terron »

Yeah, that's pretty awesome. Thanks Henry and Nate, and also David who I hear helped Henry out a lot on Day 2.
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Post by Schele »

Thanks a lot Henry. It really is appreciated.

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Post by deckmaker12 »

Henry good to know you are spreading that southern charm. lol wish i could have come up there with yeah .
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Post by deck »

henry and nate are the *, even if it took henry all three days to pronounce my name correctly.
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Post by simone89 »

its true henry is the man. here in the atl he TDed two different worlds qulifier events!!!! As interesting as it is to watch other people play star wars, I bet he would have loved to be throwing down the ewoks!!!!

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Post by brady1194 »

No doubt about it. Henry and Nate made some personal sacrifices so the other 43 of us could have a great time. There is room for improvement in the tools available to run the tournament, but these 2 did a fantastic job keeping things moving (and keeping an outward positive attitude while they did it).


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Post by DarkLordOTS »

Henry and Nate are great guys who put in a lot of work and did a great job.
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Post by Hunter »

Props to Henry Thread? Who is Henry Thread? :)

But yes, Dunn was a saint for all the work he put in. And long live the intern!

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Post by WiseMarsellus »

deck104 wrote:henry and nate are the *, even if it took henry all three days to pronounce my name correctly.
heh. I echo the statement 100% (except the part about ever pronouncing my name correctly lol ;) )

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Post by Jim Jerriko »

WiseMarsellus wrote:
deck104 wrote:henry and nate are the *, even if it took henry all three days to pronounce my name correctly.
heh. I echo the statement 100% (except the part about ever pronouncing my name correctly lol ;) )
We should start a club.

Thanks again Henry.

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Post by stealtheblind »

huge props to both henry and nate, you guys are the nuts

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Post by spideyguy0 »

props to nate and henry. great job guys.
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Post by retwin316 »

Yeah, i agree with Raveling.

Thanks for everything Henry, it was a great weekend. Thanks to Nate also. Hope to see you guys next year!

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Post by WampaX »

Thanks for the support, Guys.

Props to Nate who helped me alot by keeping my math straight for Day 2 pairings and with a couple of other administrative tasks.

Props to Dave McCune for letting me bounce a couple of rules off of him, for keeping an eye on a few things, and for making it pretty simple to record the matches at the first table. I haven't seen any of the videos for it yet, so I'm not sure how they came out.
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Props to Henry and Nate

Post by MasterJediAdam »

Ditto to what has already been said. I had never met either Nate or Henry, but was impressed with their professionalism and demeanor considering the job of telling someone that they are right and another that they are wrong all day long. To be a silent observer in another's joy or dismay must be a burden indeed ...

But I digress, thanks guys for a great experience and look forward to seeing ya'll again.

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Post by deadbody »

yeah, whats already been said. Henry and Nate did a hell of a job.
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Post by mryellow »

deadbody wrote:yeah, whats already been said. Henry and Nate did a hell of a job.
They absolutely did. Mad props.

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Post by Karrdeshark »

Henry and Nate were amazing. Despite the occasional error, they kept the tournament moving quicker than many I've been at with fewer players. Great job guys!

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