Shannon's Tourney Report

Skirmish Games 8351 Spencer Hwy Deer Park, TX 77536
April 26th - 27th, 2008
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LS Region: Tatooine
LS Region: Tatooine
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Re: Shannon's Tourney Report

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this thread is worth bumping for the shannon meme alone

edit: seriously thats amazing! its just so perfect, i wish i could make memes that good

Jerry H

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retwin316 wrote:Congrats Kev! Hope to see you at some of the other summer events. East Nats, maybe Gencon if we can organize another MPC, and of course Worlds.
Worlds 2008 sounds fun, I'll try to make it. You think I'll do well?

Scott picked an awesome thread to necro.
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3MW0J8 wrote:If DBO comes back again I swear I will quit for good.
DDM wrote:All hail Kevin Shannon!! :rimshot
3MW0J8 wrote:holy balls KSBOOTMFY
Schele wrote:I guess you're not as bad as I thought you were.

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