Anybody in the Fort Benning Ga Area?

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Jacen Solo
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Anybody in the Fort Benning Ga Area?

Post by Jacen Solo »

I am in the US Army attending Officer Candidate School and just branched (Chose) to become an Infantry officer so I am going to be at Fort Benning for a while. While i am not allowed to have my cards with me now, when I graduate in 6 weeks I should have the opportunity to have my cards and play on the weekends. Does anyone play SWCCG, SWTCG, Wars or LotR? If you are within an hours drive from Fort Benning, or know of a place that is within an hour that I can play, please let me know.


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Re: Anybody in the Fort Benning Ga Area?

Post by Boba.Fett »

there is a decent sized group in atlanta but i think that is more then an hour from you
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Re: Anybody in the Fort Benning Ga Area?

Post by stephen1185 »

Following what the first person said, there's people who play SWCCG, but most are around Atlanta which is kind of far from Fort Benning. I am too far too, (3+ hours), for much of anything. However, if you ever get a group of people play SWCCG, I'd drive down to play.

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Re: Anybody in the Fort Benning Ga Area?

Post by sjacree »

I live on the north side of Columbus and there is a friend of mine that lives about halfway between Macon and Columbus who commutes to Columbus at least weekly. I wouldn't mind getting together for a game sometime. I also commute to Atlanta for tournaments as I am able, so we could car pool if you were interested.
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Re: Anybody in the Fort Benning Ga Area?

Post by darthkling »

I am moving to Warner Robins in July which is pretty much right next to Macon. I'd love to play a live game or something

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