North Dakota States - May 10th, 2008

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The Smoking Gungan wrote:
darkjediknight11 wrote:sorry for the necro....

but did LSD(v) used to allow you to start a location that had 3 DS icons?
doesn't LSD v say something like "deploy two effects. if your starting location had less than 3 DS icons, download Mos Eisley or the 1/0 Coruscant ISB site." so you start the death star, then play LSD v for two effects. LSD v then looks at your icons and says you can't play mos eisley or the isb site, but who cares since you wouldn't want to anyway. then lsd v goes into your hand to get u-3p0 or the hyperspeed = 2 droid. so that start should still work fine. although at this point you could switch to something else 'cause you have the alternative option of pulling admiral motti battlestar commander with endor shield
i get it now...reading comprehension ftl

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