Star Wars: The Road to Europe 2008! Full Schedule

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Star Wars: The Road to Europe 2008! Full Schedule

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Star Wars: The Road to Europe in 2008

Here you will find all the dates, contact persons and info for the major Star Wars events in Europe this year. Also join us on the European SW Page, if you’re not in there yet: ... CG-players

Regionals in 2008:

Here are the scheduled events for this calendar year. Please download the attached document for all the details about each event, including times, locations, prizes, etc.

Febuary 24.02.08 - Belgium Regional (Gent)

March 02.03.08 - Poland Regional (Krakow)

March 16.03.08 - England Regional (Leicester)

April 13.04.08 - Netherlands Regional (Tilburg)

Mai 11.05.08 - Germany Regional (Hannover)

Mai 31.05.08 - Hungary Regional (Budapest)

June 21.06.08 - European Champ (Bochum)

November 15.11.08 - Germany Year Ender Open

December 06.12.08 - Eastern European Open

All these events are approved by the SW CCG: PC, and the locations are booked. The regionals will be 6 games each, plus final controntation, and follow the usual PC rules. Entry fee and prizes are around 10 Euro, and will be worth your while, so come and bring a friend or two.

All these events will happen and we are trying to avoid any changes. There are already 5-6 Non-British guys booked for the UK regional, so you Brits better be there, too. ;o) Please look on the SW CCG PC boards for any single event details.

These are all the major European events for this year. Norway has yet to be decided on a date. We are working on Regionals for Italy, Spain, and others (maybe as a bi-annual event) for next year.

The list of European Flight Leaders is here below:

Belgium: Stefaan Lambrecht ( and Kris van Beurden (

Germany: Andreas Holtmann ( and Johannes “Nicoâ€

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swccgpc - Twitch

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