Haves (Premiere to Ref II) and Wants (Mostly Hoth, JP, and SE)

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Haves (Premiere to Ref II) and Wants (Mostly Hoth, JP, and SE)

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I sold off some sets a few years ago, but I am now trying to rebuild a collection. I’m trying to cut down on the cost of some sets by trading away some duplicates. I’m looking for equal value trades, given the usual "replacement cost" on the PC Store, eBay, etc. I

Have List:
Most cards are near-mint or close to it. Some cards, particularly from the first few sets, are somewhat worn. I’d be happy to examine or send pictures of the cards in more detail before trading them.

BB Biggs Darklighter
BB Djas Puhr
BB Kal Falnl C’ndros
BB Lateral Damage
BB Luke Seeker
BB Mantellian Savrip
BB Myo x 2
BB On The Edge
BB Tatooine: Cantina (Dark)
BB The Force Is Strong With This One
BB Yavin 4: Massassi Throne Room

WB Admiral Motti x 3
WB Assault Rifle x 5
WB Charming To The Last x 2
WB Dr. Evazan
WB DS-61-3
WB Fear Will Keep Them In Line
WB General Tagge
WB Gold 5
WB I Have You Now
WB Kessel Run x 2
WB Leesub Sirln
WB Lone Warrior x 2
WB Mantellian Savrip
WB Moment of Triumph
WB Noble Sacrifice
WB On The Edge
WB Tagge Seeker x 2
WB Tarkin Seeker
WB WED-9-M1 ‘Bantha’ Droid
WB We’re All Gonna Be A Lot Thinner x 2

WB Death Star: Level 6 Core Shaft Corridor
WB Luke
WB Run Luke Run
WB Vader
WB Vader’s Obsession

Luke's T-16 Skyhopper (for some reason)

BB Chewbacca
BB Magnetic Suction Tube (Light)
BB Superlaser

WB Commence Recharging
WB Clak'dor VII
WB Dannik Jerriko
WB Dianoga x 2
WB Hunchback
WB Magnetic Suction Tube (Dark)
WB Motti Seeker
WB R3-T6 [Arthree-Teesix]
WB Sandcrawler: Droid Junkheap

BB Artillery Remote
BB Bacta Tank
BB Debris Zone
BB Echo Base Operations
BB Furry Fury
BB Hoth: Wampa Cave
BB Image of the Dark Lord
BB Major Bren Derlin
BB Planet Defender Ion Cannon
BB R-3PO [Ar-Threepio] (Corrected)
BB Target the Main Generator
BB Trample
BB Wampa

WB Collapsing Corridor
WB General Carlist Rieekan
WB Hoth: Wampa Cave
WB Major Bren Derlin
WB R-3PO [Ar-Threepio]
WB Rogue 2
WB Surface Defense Cannon
WB This is Just Wrong
WB Yaggle Gakkle

BB Descent Into The Dark x 2
BB Landing Claw
BB Raithal (Light)
BB Smuggler's Blues
BB This Is More Like It
BB Through the Force Things You Will See x 2
BB Visage of the Emperor

Beldon’s Eye x 2
Chief Retwin
Focused Attack
Frozen Assets
Gambler’s Luck
Off The Edge
Rendezvous Point on Tatooine x 2
This Is Still Wrong
We’re The Bait

Ardon “Vapor” Crell x 3
Ephant Mon
Hutt Bounty
Jedi Mind Trick
Loje Nella x 2
Ortugg x 2

OTSD: All cards, but not in great condition

Cloud City Occupation
Cloud City Celebration x 2
Don't Tread On Me
General McQuarrie

Chewbacca of Kashyyyk
Commander Igar
Corporal Drelosyn
Corporal Misik
General Solo
Tempest Scout 3

FOIL Paploo
FOIL Endor: Landing Platform (Docking Bay)

BB Flagship Operations
Strike Planning

FOIL Cloud City: Downtown Plaza (Light)
FOIL Dengar
FOIL DS-61-3 x 2
FOIL Epic Duel
FOIL IG-2000
FOIL Red 5
FOIL Revolution x 2
FOIL Vengeance
FOIL Visage of the Emperor


FOIL Boelo
FOIL Commander Igar
FOIL Hoth: Wampa Cave
FOIL Janus Greejatus
FOIL Kiffex (Dark)
FOIL Z-95 Headhunter x 2

I also have a WB Darth Vader, WB Grand Moff Tarkin, and WB Millennium Falcon, which I would be willing to trade if the trade involves something of the same tier (such as DVDLOTS, Blizzard 1, General Veers, respectively).

Want List:
I am mostly looking to get as close I can to completing sets of Hoth, Jabba's Palace, and Special Edition.

Hoth Limited BB:
Admiral Ozzel
AT-AT Cannon
Blizzard 1
Blizzard Scout 1
Dack Ralter
Death Squadron
Disarming Creature
Dual Laser Cannon (have WB)
Exposure (have WB)
Frozen Dinner
General Veers
Hoth (Light)
Lucky Shot
Meteor Impact?
Mournful Roar
Rogue 1
Rogue 3
Rug Hug
Surface Defense Cannon
Tactical Support
This is Just Wrong (have WB)
You Have Failed Me For The Last Time
You Will Go To The Dagobah System

Jabba's Palace:
Bib Fortuna
Blaster Deflection
I Must Be Allowed To Speak
Jabba’s Sail Barge
Kiffex (Light)
Kirdo III
Life Debt
R’kik D’nec, Hero of the Dune Sea
Tamtel Skreej

Special Edition:
Bantha Herd
Brangus Glee
Carbon Chamber Testing
Cloud City: Downtown Plaza (Dark)
Corporal Grenwick
Coruscant (Dark)
Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith
Dreaded Imperial Starfleet
Hunt Down and Destroy the Jedi
Iasa, Traitor of the Jawa Canyon
Imperial Occupation
Imperial Propaganda
ISB Operations
Jabba's Space Cruiser
Krayt Dragon
Kuat Drive Yards
OS-72-2 in Obsidian 2
Outer Rim Scout
Return to Base
Sergeant Major Enfield
Sergeant Torent
Short-range Fighters
Sienar Fleet Systems
Strategic Reserves
Surface Defense
Tatooine Occupation
Vader's Personal Shuttle
Wittin's Sandcrawler

Death Star II:
Honor of the Jedi
Insignificant Rebellion

I am also interested in buying a yellow C-3PO OTSD Display Box and the oversized Hunt Down and Mind What You Have Learned cards.

Depending on the price and condition, I would also be interested in buying complete sets of Reflections II Premiums, Endor, or Death Star II (with or without URs), Tatooine, Coruscant, Reflections III Premiums, and Theed Palace (all without AIs).
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FINN: I need a weapon.

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Re: Haves (Premiere to Ref II) and Wants (Mostly Hoth, JP, and SE)

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Updated after a few deals and purchases.
FINN: I need a weapon.

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