basic MWYHL Tutorial

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basic MWYHL Tutorial

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i know most of the stuff in this forum is out of date, but i'm just trying to save this for posterity since i know it comes up frequently.

A basic MWYHL Tutorial

The purpose of this article is to give the reader a basic step-by-step understanding how to setup and run what many consider the most advantageous MWYHL deck (i.e. the fastest). This is not a complete decklist, but rather a starting skeleton for individual user adaptation, as I do not have a ton of experience with MWYHL post-revolution, and do not feel qualified to claim a “best” or “unbeatable” list. So take this and feel free to try your own spin on it.

For the history and some basic background and more in depth analysis, see: Article on DeckTech, August 19th, 2007 '2nd Annual SWCCG Encyclopedia of Decks' by Brandon "Jabba_the_Ruck" Ruck ... 526&view=2

There are a few things holding MWYHL back right now, and most of them have to do with the fact that all previous decklists were basically wiped with the revolution errata (which got rid of decks running EPPs and asteroids). The ironic thing is that the revolution errata made the deck faster by switching Yoda’s gametext to pull The Way Of Things. Unfortunately the errata also took away the protection of your retrieval from Come Here You Big Coward, so now you need to occupy some BG’s if you want to stay in the game. In the past, people could just sit and wait for the early turns, soaking whatever damage the DS player could dish out (which wasn’t very much fun for DS players, mind you). So the old slow training, damage mitigating, asteroid, NPE decks are pretty much gone, but in their place is a super fast, mind-numbingly detail oriented deck that requires some of the most intense deck micromanagement skills (as well as a touch of luck).

Alright, I’m just going to jump right into it. Here is your basic start:
  • Mind What You Have Learned/Save You It Can (V)
    It Is The Future You See (V)
    *Do, Or Do Not & *Wise Advice
    *Battle Plan & *Draw Their Fire
    *Anger, Fear, Aggression (V) + 12 shields

    *Strong Is Vader
    With the following under it (from outside your deck)
    • It Is The Future You See
      A Jedi's Strength
      You Must Confront Vader
      Great Warrior
      Domain Of Evil
Yes, there is room for 6 tests under strong is vader, but you’ll need to maindeck one to save a turn—which I’ll explain later. Now the rest of the list (which can vary to some extent depending on your play style).
  • *Artoo-Detoo In Red 5 (x1-2)
    *Dagobah: Bog Clearing (or swamp, depending on your preference)
    *Dagobah: Jungle
    *Dagobah: Training Area
    *Daughter Of Skywalker (V)
    *Descent Into The Dark
    Escape Pod (V) (x2 or more)
    Levitation (V)
    *Luke's Backpack
    **Projection Of A Skywalker (x2)
    *Reflection (V)
    Size Matters Not
    The Way Of Things
    *Threepio With His Parts Showing
    *Yoda (V)
    *Yoda's Hope
    You Will Go To The Dagobah System (V) (x5 or more)
This basic list is only 31 cards, so you have roughly 1/2 your deck left to choose.

Now here is how you play it. You get to go first. You can choose either “Jedi” or “Agent of Evil”, it’s up to you and the rest of your deck. Don’t be afraid to pick Agent Of Evil, as your jedi tests subtract 1 from each of their draws and Yoda @ his hutt subtracts 2 from attrition, which just about negates the whole +2 to total BD for your opponent. Anyway, the whole point of the setup is to complete 5 tests before your opponent even gets their 5th turn.

Turn 1) You will activate no less than 3 force;
  • use Dagobah to deploy a Dagobah site (most people like Yoda’s hut for the extra activation all game, but let’s use training area for now.)
    Deploy (all as one action) Yoda (1 force), Daughter of Skywalker (V) (2 force), Luke’s backpack, and Yoda’s Hope. Also, remember Yoda (V) is deploy 4, not 5 as listed in holotable an current (incorrectly) on the PDFs.
    Use DOS (V) to \/ Reflection (V) and use Yoda (V) to \/ The Way Of Things
    Use Dagobah: training area to get Size Matters Not (you can do this later of course, but it gives you flexibility in losing force early game since Great Warrior lets you exchange a card of your choosing later for a jedi test in your lost pile).
    Use Yoda (V) to deploy Great warrior from under Strong Is Vader
    Hint: if you really sucked it up and activated yoda or DOS, you can try to rescue them with Decent Into The Dark if you can manage to use a Force or two (like with “Jedi” on IITFYS (V)--which at least gives you a 33% chance to fix your start).
Turn 2) This turn is pretty simple. You will activate no less than 4 force;
  • Control phase, draw 2 destiny for JT#1. Don’t forget to add 1 for each Dagobah site on table. Reflection, luke’s backpack, Yoda’s hope, yoda all add 1, and DOS adds 5 with her ability, so you should be at 10 + 2 destiny and choose 1. You’ll need a 3, which shouldn’t be too difficult. You could always run regular Wise Advice as your start (for the extra +1), and/or choose agent of evil and pull an extra dagobah site, if you’re running a lot of low destinies in your deck.
    Next you’re going to deploy Dagobah: jungle and JT#2 (from strong is vader) there.
    Things you should focus on accomplishing: using YWGTTDS (V) to get Threepio With His Parts Showing on table as fast as you can (he is critical in setting up test 5), using Escape Pods (V) to get Projection Of A Skywalker down to opponent’s BG sites and stop any big drains.
    Also—and this is very important—you need to ensure you have a YWGTTDS (V) in your hand for turn 3.
    Move phase: Opponent has the opportunity to move JT#2 to the site you’re at. It seems like something they probably shouldn’t do (as it looks like it makes your test easier to complete), but they WILL do it if they are experienced against MWYHL. If necessary, move your apprentice (yoda should be riding in the backpack) to jungle and do whatever else you feel like for your turn.
Turn 3) Activate no less than 5 force;
  • Control phase, draw 2 destiny for JT#2. You should be at 11 + 2 destiny and choose 1. Again you’ll need a 3 unless you managed to get an extra dag site down or something.
    Now there are two scenarios. If you’re already at the jungle, GREAT—if you’re not (i.e. opponent decided to move your test), you’ll need to use that YWGTTDS (V) you saved to relocate to the jungle during your control phase…so DO IT (you need to be at the jungle).
    Now the fun begins. Deploy JT#3 (from strong is vader) to the jungle—IT’S COMPELETED via The Way Of Things (no need to draw destiny)!!! W00t! Now deploy Bog Clearing (or Swamp) and deploy JT#4 there (from your hand—remember you pulled it by now?). The order you deploy your sites shouldn’t matter too much, as DOS has landspeed 2 (although if your opponent plays old school failure at the cave, you can really get messed up for several turns). Get your skywalker to JT#4 and get ready for to start counting cards next turn. Reminder, you should be abusing TWHPS every turn to cycle through your deck and find a copy of R2 in Red 5…
Turn 4) Activate;
  • Control phase, draw 2 destiny for JT#4. You should be at 13 + 2 destiny and choose 1. Again you’ll need a 3. (Most every version I’ve built has an average destiny of 3 or higher according to holotable).
    Great Job. You’ve just completed 4 jedi tests in the time that your opponent has only had 3 turns!
    Now, still in your control phase, USE test #4 to pull a card from your reserve deck--SWEET! (likely R2 in Red5 if you haven’t found it yet). If you topdecked it or something, you can always use Yoda’s Hope to find starship levitation (V) and get it into hand (just remember to satisfy the Coward shield before you try to retrieve it). Personally, I run 2x copies of Yoda’s Hope to grab a levitation card now and then (weapon lev can always be a surprise and jedi lev (V) can help reverse past mistakes). ;)
    Ok, so deploy phase is pretty easy. Jedi test #5 goes down, but you can’t do anything about it right now. The main thing now is to start tracking in preparation for JT #5. (Go read Marshall’s deck tracking article on decktech). You’ve got a button of cards on table, so in all likelihood, your life force isn’t all that big and tracking. You still have to wait two turns until you can flip your objective and start winning the game…
Turn 5) This turn is less complicated than you think. Activate. Control phase: “start” test 5 by standing DOS on her head. Now count the cards in your reserve deck. You’re going to need to track R2 in Red5 for your next turn. This requires a lot of planning for NEXT turn. You’ll need to know how many cards to leave in your reserve deck next turn, so you can battle and draw destinies, pay for retrival, topdeck force loss, and anything else. HOWEVER, there is an easier way…

Turn 6) Now things get hairy. But you’ve got an ace in the hole (hopefully): Decent Into The Dark—a card I like to call “tracking for dummies.” Basically activate enough force so that at the end of this turn, you have only ONE card in your reserve deck (although you could get away with leaving two, since you draw two and choose 1 for test #5)—plan for how many battles you plan to initiate, using 2 force for JT#4, how much retrieval you have to pay for, etc. Or if you have nothing planned for the turn, activate your whole deck. When you’re ready, during your draw phase, use TWHPS to draw last card in reserve deck, stack R2 in Red 5 on your used pile and play Decent Into The Dark. R2 is stacked ready to complete Test #5 and save your butt from losing this game! End of your turn, do what you’ve been waiting the whole game—complete #5 and FLIP your objective (remember to save 3 force to pay for JT retrival)!
A fun thing to try is use Turn 6 to drop a bunch of guys/ships everywhere, and wait for opponent to have to battle them next turn (when you start drawing 7’s all over the place).

Well that’s it—that’s the basics of training. Turns 5 and 6 really separate the good players from the great ones.

There are some really incredible combos once you complete Test #5, I’ll just list a few of the most common/favs.
Sabotage (V) – instantly kill any weapon or device card on table
Lost in the Wilderness – cancel a force drain AND deny them a character (your choice!)
On The Edge – standard MWYHL retrival…just make sure you’ve got enough force to pay for it all!
Collision – Thin their numbers in space with ease!
Bravo Fighter (V) and Medium Transport (V) – basically EPPs in Space! This can almost be your entire space package

Ok, well from here on out you're on your own. Just remember to be judicious with the cards you put on the table. You'll already have a full third of your deck (18 cards or so) on table, so don't go and try to set up EBO or something ;).

May the game never die...and may you always let the wookiee win.

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