Day 2

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Asphalizo wrote:Wow Game 5 is when the heavy weights started playing each other

Shaw vs. Hunter
M. French vs. Chu
Desai vs. Pistone
Game 1 actually had 4 of the final 8 playing each other (Garrett vs. Hunter and Raveling vs. Chu)
Kevbozzz wrote:We dropped the spies from WYS and played more smugglers
As for WYS, I tried it in Day 1 but didn't do well enough to advance. After the fact I thought I'd try dropping the spies and adding more smugglers. Good to know I'm on the same page as the world champ!

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LS Region: Corellia
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deck104 wrote:we should have a poll to see if anyone cares about what people who don't show up to worlds have to say about worlds

Brandon Schele = Nab!

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I can't believe you guys are actually taking me seriously.

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DS Region: Coruscant
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Schele wrote:I can't believe you guys are actually taking me seriously.
I know I never have.

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LS Region: Coruscant
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Schele wrote:
imrahil327 wrote:What exactly are you calling shenanigans on?
There's no such thing as a real "Worlds" in Minnesota in OCTOBER!

A real "Worlds" only takes place at GenCon during the Summer!
How about in Orlando at the Doubletree with a big ass screen showing everyone you every move. Oh yes, I can still take in the glory 8 years later :-)

Worlds in Minnesota turned out to be OK. 60 people in day 2. It's a shame DC didn't work out, hopefully next year it can be on the East Coast.

Congratz to Kevin! You join an interesting list of people!
Matt Sokol

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