Our New World Champion

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jealous of chu's forum name :-(

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Kevbozzz wrote:
mryellow wrote:Congrats to Kevin! He played two great games against me in Day 3. Really classy guy too - he even gave me a slice of pizza between games. Well deserved title for a longtime player of the game
Thanks Chu! And it was a very "special" slice. You might want to stay near a bathroom for the rest of the week.
That would explain Chu's unconsciousness for 30 minutes stuck in this pose:

http://web.me.com/jeeps95/Star_Wars_and ... es.html#19
Peter Jacobson


LS Region: Coruscant
LS Region: Coruscant
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Nice job dude! Congratz on the win!
Matt Sokol

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Awesome job Kevin, you really played that last match like a champ!

Lord Helmet
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cooleo1c wrote:Image
Kevin's on the right [black tee]
Haha, you got a shot of Lingrell's ass....

Congrats again Kevin!
Bryan Batdorf
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