Sealed Deck event

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Sealed Deck event

Post by Advocate »

So I ended up playing in the sealed deck event. Getting Light for the draft.

I don't have my cards, and I am going from memory, but the deck was as close to a constructed deck as I have ever had. It was pretty silly. I won all my games and then even played Scott Church in a fun game (he was the top dark player) and won against him. It was just sick.

Massassi War Room

Yavin Jungle
1-0 CC Site
Carbonite Chamber
Lower Corridor (the 1-2 location)

*I ended up not playing Bespin/Tatooine because I figured everyone else would and just went with the 4 non-bgs with a few good sites.

Princess Leia x2
Lando Calrissian
Captain Han Solo
Chadra Fan x2
r2x2 x3
Harc Seff
Jeroen Webb
and some other people I can't remember

*Note, this is the sick part
How Did We Get Into This Mess?
Fall of a Legend x2
Shocking Information x2
Out Of Commission x2
*I had some other stuff I can't remember, but the recycling high destinies with some sac and the Mess was just silly.

Corvette, the OTSD ships, Redeption, Red 6

Encampment (tech for Han/Leia)
All My Urchins
Never Tell Me The Odds (got this to pop for 6 against the Hooky I think)
*Ended up not using the frozen assets x2

So really this deck was nuts with force choke, sac, nabrun, mess, lots of mains, etc.

Good stuff.

I had also drafted big one, sanctuary but didn't use it. I also had 2 test 1's, Training Site. But someone drafted the Yoda and the Commander Luke so I couldn't really use them.

I had a blast though with this and would definately do it again.

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Post by imrahil327 »

What did you draft out of?
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Post by WiseMarsellus »

we had 2 reflections packs, 4 jp packs, 4 cc packs, and the stuff that was in the otsd iirc. also i was the top ds player.
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Post by Throdo »

I will post what I remember of mine. It was pretty hot

clak dor (1/0)
1/0 cc site
cc incinerator (1/1 drain -1 for them)
1/2 (2 for them) cc site
2/1 drain -1 for them cc site

2x areil schous
cc lando (didn't play the foil tamtel i drafted as i chose to play on cc)
cc han
kebyc (maybe x2 can't remember)
cc technician
trooper utris mmmmtoc
bothan spy
commander vanden willard
treva horme
some other folks probably

none that i can remember? i didn't have room to include any for yoxgit unfortunately

2x red squad xwing
2x gold squad y-wing
medium transport i think?
lift tube x3!

hmmm i forget although i know i had some
oh yeah, what're you trying to push on us grabber

lift tube escape x3!
path of least resistance
noble sacrifice
it could be worse x2
its a hit x2
nabrun leids
out of commission
nar shaddaa wind chimes (hot)
bith shuffle
maybe some other stuff

casey and i showed up late so garrett just told us to split all our stuff instead of drafting as other people had already started to draft. uhhh so garrett forgot to mention to us that we shouldn't share our otsd cards, so we didn't find that out until it was too late. But we also figured drafting would be better than not drafting, and so maybe it just evened out.

2 games my opponent's started death star war room, and i quickly got out a spy + cc tech (drain +1 there) + backup to basically seal each of those games, that is until tom h deployed u-3p0 a couple turns before the drain of 3 killed him! sad day. then another game i got my whole battle evasion setup on cc with the lift tubes and reacting arcona, etc etc.

the only weakness of my deck imo was the bad force activation. i should have added in the 2nd corulag i had just to help with that. i could have also done better in that department if i hadn't stuck to cc sites, but i wanted to try the whole lift tube theme, which was worth it imo.

after playing in this I really wanted to play in the Cube which was the night before!

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