4th Round Results

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Farmer Bob
DS Region: Coruscant
DS Region: Coruscant
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4th Round Results

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DS Meto FW + 18
LS Darren Pilbeam FL - 18
LS Kryptofis FW + 10
DS Shewski FL -10
LS Mr007agent FW +35
DS Cloudburst FL -35
LS JarJarDrinks FW + 16
DS Spideyguy0 FL -16
UCSBYoda - 0
Patmagroin - BYE
Quesosauce37 - DROP

Since UCSBYoda failed to get in contact, but without dropping, I am giving him 0 points and 0 differential.
Quesosauce37 is dropping (was UCSBYoda's opponent); so now with both DDM and Quesosauce37 dropped; for our final two games we wont' have a bye anymore; unless UCSBYoda fails to show up - in which case his opponent will receive a bye.

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