mercenary slavers

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mercenary slavers

Post by WiseMarsellus »

'Trandoshan' on your sites may be treated as 'slaver.'

by whom? can ls decide to treat trandoshan as slaver on ds sites?

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Re: mercenary slavers

Post by Gergall »

As written, LS can do that, yes.

If either player chooses to treat transdoshan as slaver for the purposes of a particular action, then it will be treated as slaver for that action, even if the other player does not want it to be the case.

I will ask the rules team to review this item.
Greg Zinn


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Re: mercenary slavers

Post by Lukes Bionic Hand »

A ruling has been posted that explains how Mercenary Slavers interacts with each instance of "Trandoshan" on each Dark Side Kashyyyk site. We were hoping to come up with some kind of blanket rule for enforcing how these work, but given the different functions and timings of each instance of game text, the best solution was to explain each one on a case by case basis.

The ruling can be found here: /viewt ... 63#p903618
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