Kal fal & Justice

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Kal fal & Justice

Post by sjacree »

Is her gametext considered a modification or a reset? And is it prevented by Imperial Justice v?

Kal Fal:
When in a battle, if both
players draw only one battle destiny and
yours is higher, reduces opponent's
destiny to zero. Landspeed = 3. Adds 2
to power of anything she pilots. May not
deploy to or board starfighters or
enclosed vehicles.

Deploy on table; shuffle your
Reserve Deck, peek at top three cards,
and stack them face-up here. During
battle, may take a stacked card into hand
to prevent players from drawing more
than one battle destiny (those battle
destiny draws may not be modified or
canceled). (Immune to Alter.)

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Re: Kal fal & Justice

Post by Lukes Bionic Hand »

Because Kal'Falnl's text does not involve adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing the original value, it is a reset and not a modification, so Justice would not stop it.
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