Unexpected interruption

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Unexpected interruption

Post by JimmyFrench »

When U use UI to pull an interrupt, is it mandatory to show the card to your opponent or U CAN only show him the symbol of the card on top on the left?

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Re: Unexpected interruption

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Whenever there is a condition on what you card you can take, you must reveal the entire card. Because the card pulled with Unexpected Interruption must be an Interrupt, you have to show your opponent the card you pull in its entirety.
AR Page 1-3 wrote:Section B. Taking Cards From A Deck/Pile
Many cards allow you to directly access your deck, pile, or stack, usually to take a card into hand, or to deploy a card from there directly. Whenever a card or rule allows you to take a card from a deck, pile or stack, and there are any criteria for what kind of card you may take, you must reveal that card after it is obtained (reveal the entire card). In this way, your opponent can check that you took a card matching the criteria specified. However, when allowed to take "any card" you do not have to reveal the card chosen, unless you retrieve that card from your Lost Pile. If the initiating text provides more than one candidate card that may be taken from the same deck, pile or stack, you are permitted to declare the action specifying only the card you are using to search (if the card has multiple search functions, the player must declare which function he is utilizing). You may then look through that deck, pile, or stack before choosing which of the cards you wish to take. Once the search has been initiated, a player must take a card if possible.
If your search fails to find any card matching the criteria given, your opponent is permitted to check to see that deck, pile, or stack in order to prove that no candidate could have been taken; this is called "verifying." In addition, when the card or card type you searched for was not found and your opponent has verified this, you may not use that search function (even if on a card with the same name) to search or look through the same deck, pile, or stack again this turn.
After searching, you should replace the deck, pile, or stack without shuffling, unless otherwise instructed.
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