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Alderaan (B-A) vs. SYCFA

Posted: September 2nd, 2014, 6:42 am
by DDM
What would happen if at the start of the game, LS is playing Alderaan (Blown-Away) as a starting location, and DS is playing SYCFA ?


From what I gather, the START of the game rules dictate that Alderaan (B-A) deploys first, so imho, SYCFA is not yet technically on table, so it can't flip yet.
Can the DS decide to flip it then "at the end of his next turn" ?

My guess is YES, but then, I think that it would mean "end of turn 1" since no turns did start yet (we're in the Start of the Game phase).

Can the DS elect to choose "flip SYCFA immediately" anyway ? (even if it's not on table so it wouldn't flip), and so, actually keep playing SYCFA unflip for the rest of the game ?
In that case, what would happen if DS would play CPI (V) after a while ?
Can it be done ? (I guess yes, just that since Alderaan is already blown-away, it doesn't get blown-away again and stays a 2/0)


Re: Alderaan (B-A) vs. SYCFA

Posted: September 2nd, 2014, 11:21 am
by Gergall
The AR makes a key distinction between revealing a starting card and deploying it, which you seem to have noticed.

1. First, LS reveals Alderaan (Blown Away) at the same time that DS reveals SYCFA
2. LS deploys Alderaan (Blown Away) and the DS text triggers.
3a. If DS chooses "Flip immediately", nothing happens because SYCFA is not on table.
3b. If DS chooses "Flip at the end of next turn", I would rule that still nothing happens because it fails the Implied Target Rule. I will verify this with the team and get back to you.
--A simple comparison would be LS trying to play "I Thought They Smelled Bad On The Outside" to double Tzizvvt's power until he moves, but Tzizvvt isn't on table. Even though you may be planning to deploy him later, you need to be able to target him to perform this action in the first place.

4. DS deploys SYCFA and the corresponding cards. However, as per the AR, DS places their DS Alderaan out of play (and otherwise continues normally).

5. CPI(V) can be deployed later, in which case nothing happens to Alderaan (it remains face up with the 2 LS icons showing), and CPI(V) can then be used normally to blow away additional planets as usual.

Potentially useful info for anyone following along:
Rules FAQ wrote:How does Commence Primary Ignition (V) interact with Alderaan (Blown Away)?

They really don't interact at all. CPI (V) fires the Superlaser, and since Alderaan is already blown away, there is no effect. The DS player may continue to use CPI (V) as normal.
Other rulings on this topic:
/viewt ... 9&p=833842

Re: Alderaan (B-A) vs. SYCFA

Posted: September 2nd, 2014, 11:29 am
by Gergall
Wait, that didn't make any sense. It would mean that DS can't flip. Sorry, I'm a little tired.

Let me just check with the team :-D

Re: Alderaan (B-A) vs. SYCFA

Posted: September 6th, 2014, 3:57 am
by DDM
Bump ? :-D

Because the answer will influence the Europeans (next week) and my deck selection. :)

Re: Alderaan (B-A) vs. SYCFA

Posted: September 8th, 2014, 5:10 am
by Lukes Bionic Hand
I just posted a new Appendix B card entry for Alderaan (Blown Away) that should answer this question.

Even though SYCFA is not yet technically on table, this ruling allows for Alderaan (Blown Away)'s text to function as if it was. If DS chooses to flip immediately, they will flip after they have deployed their objective and all its starting cards. If they choose to flip at the end of their next turn they will flip at the end of their first turn.

Ruling posted here: /viewt ... =5#p909248

Re: Alderaan (B-A) vs. SYCFA

Posted: September 8th, 2014, 5:11 am
by DDM
Sweet, thanks. :)