Order of actions question

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Order of actions question

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Me and my friend have been getting better at understanding the rules, but we were curious about the order of actions espcially when a battle is initiated. I will give an example of an issue we ran into recently.

DS initiates a battle and the weapons segment begins. DS plays hidden weapons on Boba Fett. After hidden weapons is done, does DS still get to fire a weapon or is the use of the interrupt considered the first action of the weapons segment and LS gets to respond by firing its first weapon?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Re: Order of actions question

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Firing weapons and initiating top level actions during the weapons segment both use up a player's action. Hidden Weapons is a top level action initiated in the weapons segment, so yes, it would count as dark side's action. After Hidden Weapons resolves, LS would get a chance to perform their own weapons segment action.

from the Advanced Rulebook:
AR, Page 6-1 wrote:Weapons Segment
During the weapons segment you may do two things: fire weapons and perform top level actions permitted during battle. Both are actions and follow the normal rules of actions. You (as the initiator of the battle) perform the first action of the weapons segment. Once players 'pass' consecutively, the weapons segment ends.
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