Competing 'just' actions

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Competing 'just' actions

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Dark side uses "Let Them Make The First Move / At Last We Will Have Revenge" to combat Obi-Wan with Lightsaber. Dark Side wins and Obi-Wan is lost.

Dark Side has a just action caused by Darth Sidious, Light Side has a just action for A Jedi's Resilience. Which just action takes place first?

The essence of the question goes to - is losing Obi-Wan the LS's action, or is it part of my DS's action?

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Todd Johnson

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Re: Competing 'just' actions

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Losing Obi-Wan is part of the "losing character is lost" text on Dark Side's combat objective, so Light Side would get the first response to him going lost, so they could Resilience before Dark Side has a chance to use Sidious' text.

Update: I edited the explanation slightly since my original explanation was mis-worded on my part not as clear as it should have been. Apologies for any confusion it may have caused. The final answer remains the same, but the explanation has been modified slightly to be more accurate.
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