RE: Luke's Bionic Hand and implied targeting

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RE: Luke's Bionic Hand and implied targeting

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This was ruled for years that it could only deploy on characters with immunity. Two similar Legacy cards, Revenge Of The Sith and Mercenary Armor v, had similar clauses and were also ruled and played that way. So no Revenge of the sith on EPP Vader, no Bionic Hand v on EPP Luke, etc.

Also, see Focused Attack example in the Implied Target section.


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Re: RE: Luke's Bionic Hand and implied targeting

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We all tried to dig up some old rulings on both of those 2 cards and could find none. That's not to say it wasn't ruled that way, just that we have no record of a discussion about it in any of our rules correspondence from that time, and anything from back then on these forums has likely been pruned into oblivion.

However, I would rule now that any of 3 cards mentioned (Lukes Bionic Hand v, Revenge of the Sith, and Mercenary Armor v) that add to immunity would be deployable on characters without immunity. The difference between those cards and Focused Attack is that their text modifying immunity are automatic modifiers, which are not actions, and thus do not have to obey the implied target rule, whereas the immunity canceling part of Focused Attack is an automatic action, so it does fall under the implied target rule.
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