Desperate Counter

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LS Region: Coruscant
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Desperate Counter

Post by MrPurple »

For Desperate Counter (from DS2).. how does it work with deploying IAO & Combat response. The AR says:

"Both Combat Response and Imperial Arrest Order can be deployed in the same deploy phase using this card, although each deployment is a separate action"

I am a little confused on the actual wording on the card: "Also, you may deploy either Combat Response or IAO from reserve deck." Can you do this each turn? Meaning, turn 1 I could download IAO and then next turn get Combat Response if I activated it (or vice-versa)?

Thank you much!

Matt Sokol

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Re: Desperate Counter

Post by Gergall »

These deployments are top level actions, they are not responses to you having just deployed Desperate Counter.

You can use top-level actions to deploy them in the same turn or on 2 different turns, whatever you like.

The AR is clarifying that if you do get both on the same turn, do them one at a time as separate actions. Deploy one, let opponent take an action if they want, then deploy the other one.
Greg Zinn


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