Overwhelmed and Landing Claw

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Overwhelmed and Landing Claw

Post by Blarg »

During your deploy phase, target a system where your total power is more than double opponent's total power and opponent has no Jedi or starship weapon. Place all opponent's starships there (and cards on them) in owner's Used Pile.
(1) Can I target a system where my opponent only has a starship attached with Landing Claw? Or is my opponent's power undefined and hence this fails by the implied targeting rule?
(2) If my opponent has two ships, one of which is attached with Landing Claw, and I play Overwhelmed, does the attached ship go to used pile?

Paul McPherson
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Re: Overwhelmed and Landing Claw

Post by Paul McPherson »

I am no longer a Rules Team member but the following is from the Card Rulings section of the Advanced Rule Book:
AR3.0 wrote:Overwhelmed
This Interrupt is an all cards situation, so it will affect inactive cards as well (e.g., those using Landing Claw). However, inactive cards do not count towards either player's power total because they are not on table for such purposes. This card can be played at a location where opponent has 0 power, but not one where he has no power.
This would mean that the answers to your questions would be (1) No (2) Yes (hopefully this post will make it easier for a current member of the Rules Team to confirm)
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Re: Overwhelmed and Landing Claw

Post by Gergall »

Paul is correct.

You can't play Overwhelmed against only a Landing Claw ship (no LS total power to target).

If LS has an active ship, you can play Overwhelmed and then it will affect the Landing Claw ship as well. Also note that the Landing Claw ship doesn't contribute towards LS total power, so it will be easy for DS to meet the conditions on Overwhelmed.
Greg Zinn

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