Worlds 2010 Final Standings

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Re: Worlds 2010 Final Standings

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Meto wrote:Yeah, you're really only SOL if you lose your first two games against players that go on to do terribly, and if that is the probably should've just won those games.
As in most cases I agree. I couldn't have put it any better. SoS is what we're going to do. At least try it before forming your final opinion. After we try it if you don't like it we can change it back by vote, but for next year SoS is what the majority has mandated that we do. I am weak, yet strong on the SoS system, so I'm luvin it to be honest.


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Re: Worlds 2010 Final Standings

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gogolen wrote:the downside is if you lose games early it makes it very tough to climb out of the basement and still make the cut
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