Round 6 Feaure Match: Taco Bill Kafer LS vs Justin Desai DS

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Re: Round 6 Feaure Match: Taco Bill Kafer LS vs Justin Desai

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Kevbozzz wrote:
Bib Fortuna wrote:One thing I noticed about the game summary:
Bill takes the turn as the game becomes more stagnant. The only characters on table are Vader and Emperor at the 3/2 site who can’t drain because of Leia Rebel Princess.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but HDv would be on the 7-side at this point, because Leia is at a non-battleground, so Leia wouldn't be able to cancel the 3/2 drain.
You forget that the best players have no idea what half their cards do.
I guess that's why I'm not one the best players. And why I kept deploying guys to sites to flip him on his turn so I could cancel the drain.

Bill Kafer
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Cam Solusar wrote:What TacoBill proposes is ideal IMO.

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