Worlds TR: Third place

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Worlds TR: Third place

Post by allstarz97 »

Hi everyone,

I haven't done a TR in a lonnnngggggg time so forgive my rustiness. There really isn't much of a preamble to this tournament report because for the first time in ...well never, we didn't playtest for this event. Our preperation was basically <50 emails that were just random thoughts, and one night where steve stayed at my house. Going into the event we knew that we were underprepared and that a team like socal had a major advantage. We were hoping to still get into day three based on playskill and then "anything can happen". One really neat thing was that Mike had been offered a deal by Scott and Chris to cover the event. One last time the KToD would be at worlds!

So we all get there Friday afternoon, me and Mike were going to play in the team tournament. My plan for decks at that point was to play HDv saturday and TRM 12 card hand that steve really liked. I wasn't as confident in the TRM and still liked profit but the profit deck could not beat the spice deck ever and we thought that spice would be a popular choice for day 2. So I figured I'd try out profit at the team tournament. After a grueling round 1 match against Yan which I won I dropped back to back games with the light deck and could see it just didn't have it anymore. Dark players knew how to gameplan against it. Every dark deck I could think of ran multiple systems and big fleets... it just wasn't a good deck anymore. But my faith in the 12 card hand TRM was gone, not sure why but I just didn't have confidence in it. So at the 11th hour I decided to make LS senate. Old school, multiple barrier cancelers, epps etc. I decided to play teh coruscant 2-2 site and start insight for honor against hd v. It was a solid plan as if they didn't commit hard to the 3-2 site you could just hit and run them and cause overflow with palpatines text, and if they did commit hard you could go to the 2-2 site (and potentially move a senator over) and flip them back drain for four/cancel their drain. I played one game with greg shw with the deck, promptly won by 20+ cards and I had a ls deck. A gamble? Sure, but in my last worlds why not play my favorite ls deck of all time? For dark both me and steve were running a heavy ground based HD v deck. We thought the field would be heavy trm and this deck destroys TRM. We ran 0 space which was an admitted gamble. If I had to do it over again I probably would have ran 1x victory, 1x galens fighter, 1x endor, endor shield and a thrawn + gen nevar for the device package that we ran.

Chu was set on his dark deck, he was going to run the spice deck despite the fact that the qmc matchup was rough as was the rogues matchup. For light he decided to run HB quads even though the stunning move matchup was pretty much an autoloss. Woot for disregarding the meta! Steve was set on 12 card hand and the same hd v as me.

So we get down saturday morning and theres 63 players, pretty cool turnout, and a better field than last year with Socal and the europeans being here this year.

Onto the games!

Round 1 against brian Herold Playing Rogues.

This game was really tough. I underestimated the power of rogues on the ground (thinking they'd be similar to wys)... but Brian had a LOT of guys and kept the beats coming. He did his field dressign trick to keep a guy at the site to flip after I thought that I had killed all his guys. He then blew the shield, flipped and dropped like 4 guys from his deck to the drain 2 site....Nice. I kept attacking but to no avail. My guys didnt live and his did. I avoided a beatdown this game but in the end he won. If we were still using diff I think he woulda won by mid teens. After the game I realized that a matchup that I thought was quite good for my deck was in fact awful.

Steve also lost. Starting out 0-1 for both of us was quite poopy. We both kind of felt that we couldn't just pick up cards three days before a tournament and expect to dominate... sucks, oh well if we did poorly we could drop and explore DC.

Round 2 against (I'm sorry I forget you name but it was one of Kessling's friends from ATL) playing walkers

As soon as I saw walkers I knew this game would be in my favor. If he had tarkins bounty it might have been closer but I'm not really sold it would have been. he did his setup and I contemplated dropping corran horn in front of veers + guy + walker (lol...senate is so broken) but decided to just wait. I set up the senate and he blew (although I had honor out). he never flipped as I had the system the whole game. He eventually came out with the executor but I drew two 9's with HCf to kill it and everything on board. In the end he was doing 0 damage and I was draining for 7 a turn. Really nice oppoenent.

Round 3. Cole lapine playing rops.
Cole seemed to be very comfortable playing rops and got a good setup on ralitiir with vader, janus, and some other imps on ralitiir but I just hit and run each of his guys eventually killing all his guys on his planet. We had a few awkward turns where he was flipped but actually had 0 guy on the planet. Eventually I flipped him back and took his system. I was draining for 4 but I had not grabbed ghhhk so he was hit and running my senate with draw their fire out. I had shield busted and hand't played ls coward so it was getting didecy.. but eventually the drain of 4 + dropping his hand gave me a turn where he had no guy and two successive turns of draining for 4 did him in. In retrospect I should have moved a random senator over to the jcc to occupy more lcations than he did for imp domination. I randomly counted my diff this game and won by 17.

Steve had also won both his games and Chu was 3-0. After starting out with a loss each me and steve felt good winning two in a row. Mike was dominating the coverage.

Round 4. PMJ playing reid's tatooine speeders communing. PMJ deff should have beat me this game. Throughout the game I got pretty lucky on swings and shots to kill a speeder or shoot a guy outside of a walker to keep him flipped. Combining that with him forgetting to retrieve with celebration and forgetting to shuttle leia down at the end of the game to block a p59 drain I was able to win. Sucks he lost cuz of his own mistakes but oh well what can you do?

Steve won and I think this is where Jon dropped a game to go to 3-1... he might have been 4-0 and lost at to go to 4-1...not sure exactly.

My next game was against Cole lapine's friend (sorry I forgot your name) playing rops (the same build).
He took a different approach and tried to attk my senate before he was flipped. This didn't work out well for him as I was able to grab his ghhhk early and kill a bunch of his guys. I stranded my obi at the jcc(after he moved his guys away to not get beatdown at the senate) and he had like a 5 card hand and I was flipped with epps in hand... I felt pretty good. Except those 5 cards were like vader, veers, walker, palpatine janus.... uh oh. he flipped in one turn and while I killed a few of his guys he was able to use domination every turn as he won the battles (i was careless on turn and let him win one where i had palps gametext). He stacked a ship and went to space and all of a sudden i was taking drains of 1 1 1 and 2 and wasn't really doing much to him. I had about 14 life force left and he had maybe 25 left when I realized the only way I was winning the game was to beat himdown. I had leia and lando in hand and janus was alone at a site... he clearly had outflank in his 5 card hand so i decided to strip his hand, deploy leia and lando to janus's site and battle. I knew both my destinies were 6s and i had palp + amidala in hand so I as basically drawing 2 9s... He drew a 4 and I added it to my power and then subtracted... I was 31 power to his....5. holy cow janus and 21. I guess he had a few less than 21 cards as that completely depleated his life force. holy cow. turns out i put down his outflank!

I was pretty pumped about this win. Looking back on it though I think I might still win even if he does outflank. I kill everything and eliminate 2 drains on the ground... he's only draining me for 2 and 1 at that point one which I can cancel and I can then focus on killing his remianing ground forces... deff woulda been tough though.

Steve won too and is clowning me for drawing 9's all day long (2nd time I drew 2 9's with the deck). we're both 4-1 and feeling pretty good. Chu is also 4-1 and shannon and nelson are both 5-0 and playing each other.

Round 6 my ds against taco bill's communing mains. This was a feature match and the coverage can be found on the main site. I was pretty confident because our hd v just crushes mains and this was no different. I was able to find high destinys together and then just dropped galen 3-4 times and killed all his guys. Taco is the man though and it sucked putting him 1 loss from elimination.

Steve won again, so did chu so all of us were 1 win from getting in.... pretty cool, esp after me and steve started off the day at 0-1.

Round 7 my ds against aaron nelson communing mains...?
Aaron's deck seemed cool but he seemed to get sorta tilted when he drew rlr for sabotage destiny on his bolted 3po. I had a pretty dope play of putting potf on his shimis hut and stacking up in two places. I wanted to play not like he percieves us to play mains, my plan was to spread out more and try to get 2 drains going instead of 1. I figured their decks have a lower destiny average so the odds of him being able to fight me in two places were in my favor. Usually when I play against nelson and shanon they are able to outdamage me because i stack one site and they go to 3-4 places...not this time. I was commiting to going to 2 places. It worked, I won every battle and he had to use both of his ghhhks. Big win if we were still doing diff.

Steve beat shannon so we were both 6-1 and prety much locked for top 8. Chu won whuich was sweet and it seemed that for the 2nd straifght year we were going to put all 3 of us in.

Round 8. Jonny Chu. He was already a lock lock because of his sos, and i was probably in and we both figured id win (senate against a deck with 0 senate counters that gives ls targets) but we deicided to play it out, but just play fast so that we could get dinner. I killed everything he put out and stripped his hand of all his good cards. Got the win really easy.

Steve beat chris twigg and shannon lost to agnos so me and steve realzied that we were the only 7-1's...haha one of us won day 2. woot! Aaron was a feature match and won his game pretty quick so mike was done his coverage responsibilities and was already at the bar talking to some runners with cold sores(?). He was super pumped that one of us won day 2. We went back into the main room and they announced the top 8.

1. Me
2. Steve
3. Chu (woot) ktod top 3 jeeezzzeee.
4. chris twigg
5. herold
6. shannon
7. nelson
8. reid

so me versus reid...nice for the fanboys back home. Me and reid were actually cool with each other this weekend so it was nice to not have that pressure going into the quarterfinals match...all I knew was that I needed to have good decks because he would be prepared.

We got back to the hotel room and realized it was too late to build the ls deck that I had thought of during the day (communign rogues). So i just decided to play 2-2. It has a decent matchup against stunning move and really has no bad matchups. I really wish I had jammed an honor into the deck though. For dark I just changed like 8 slots in the deck. I put in barriers to hope to be able to counter beat rogues and put in a yab.

Quarterfinals: Game 1 ls against reid smith palyign asm
This was also a feature match and was covered in great detail. Long story short I forgot the weapon lev shield because I used my shields from the day before. doh, this inadvertantly won me the game as luke went to space with hcf v and owned in space and drained for 1 all game and pinged with padme much of the game. If reid played a sense he probablyw ould have won (had he drew it when he needed it obviously) and he also made a interesting decision of shuffling his deck when we knew 5,2 was on the top and he had the draw 2 droid in space against my luke and hcf v... he shuffled and drew 1, 3 and from there space was mine for the rest of the game. He also missed like 7/8 swings during the game when he had mauls saber at the 2-2 I didn't miss any swings. I won by 17.

Game 2. He revealed wys v and I had a sick opening hand of like emp, vader twice. I dropped emp so i could put fl down every turn and then realized that 4lom was a thief so i soon put him with palp at the <> city (always read every cards kiddies). Soon after vader was draining for 2, emp was draining for 2, he had occ in his deck so I didn't retrirve my prep d but I just got all over his sites. He finally flipped and the turn after I flipped him back. I had at the end of the game vader, galen and palp all at different sites. Won by high 20s.

Woot! Advancing is always nice day 3, it means you didn't totally f up your deck decisions. Steve also won against nelson which was nice. It was cool to not only advance but also advance against good players. Chu lost to shannon which was rough, I really thought he was going to beat him.

My next round I had Brian Herold. I played light first again and had a sweet opening hand of luke, twix, wookiee win and under atk. My plan was to play luke and move him to the 5th marker, unfortunately the saber was in my force pile. Our game was really interesting with him winning by 6. I think if i had been able to get luke out early it may have been different but who really knows. Game 2 I got absolutely crushed. He dropped 40 power on me on turn 3 or 4 and in the process lost 1 guy... jeeeeeeze. My dreams of winning worlds were over.


Mike steve and Jon. Great teamates for the past 8 years (mike for 11?). We've done a lot in this game. soemthing to be proud of. SInce 2007 we are 14/17 in terms of playing day 2 making day 3... thats pretty badass.

everyone else: greg bill, scott, socal, all my opponents etc.


new timed rules. they are awful.
magic the gathering: i wish starwars had 250k tournaments like the magic one I am going to in 2 weeks...

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Re: Worlds TR: Third place

Post by mr007agent »

Great report. It is always a pleasure seeing you.
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Re: Worlds TR: Third place

Post by imrahil327 »

Great report, Justin :) Love hanging out with you as always. Even if this is your "last worlds," don't be a stranger.
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Re: Worlds TR: Third place

Post by The Franchise »

good luck at the pro tour dude

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Re: Worlds TR: Third place

Post by Airdog2003 »

Nice read. Thanks for throwing this together. While this may have been your "last Worlds" it better NOT have been your last major Swccg event! The MPC is coming up in January and I'm sure it'll be on the East Coast like always.

Good luck on the Magic pro tour. See You, Steve & Chu at the MPC.
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Re: Worlds TR: Third place

Post by WiseMarsellus »

nice tr. so close again. yeah man i hope you keep coming to the big events
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Re: Worlds TR: Third place

Post by Throdo »

What dates are the pro tour and how can we keep up with your progress there?

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Re: Worlds TR: Third place

Post by The Franchise »

Throdo wrote:What dates are the pro tour and how can we keep up with your progress there?
its in 2 weeks

google daily mtg and when the event is going on there wil lbe a big link to go to coverage

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