SWCCG Store Shout Out

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SWCCG Store Shout Out

Post by shawnd1984 »

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to give a shout out to swccgstore.com for being totally cool. Bought a few Lando Calrissian Scoundrel's from him and they never arrived. Being that this is a pretty desirable card, I reached out to him two weeks later or so and let him know what happened. He replaced my order and threw in some extra foils as an apology for the inconvenience (which was not his fault). Totally awesome and will be using the site again in the future.

PS: If the original order shows up, scout's honor that it will be sent back 8>

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Re: SWCCG Store Shout Out

Post by Craigb21 »

I bought some cards from him through eBay. While most arrived, I was missing a card. I have attempted to contact him multiple times through eBay with no response. Had to open a case.

I am sure it was an oversight as I bought 6 or so cards from him but communication would have been nice.

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Re: SWCCG Store Shout Out

Post by Corran »

I would not have had an amazing 50% record at 2019 Continentals if not for this store. Also, I had a great game on GEMP the other night with Brandon.
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