My latest project

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My latest project

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Hi, everyone!

First off, a little background info.

Little did I know at the same time I was transitioning off my development role on GEMP, my daughter was about develop an unusual medical condition that took us 18 months from the initial symptoms to properly diagnose and then treat. We're very thankful that since that point, all has been well. Had I still be working on GEMP as a solo project when that happened, I obviously would have dropped all development on it instantly, and GEMP probably would have just died right there. Fortunately, some great developers had already taken up the work that continues to this day. I'm so glad to see it being utilized as much as it is; 200,000 games played is just so amazing!

Once things felt like they were back to normal, I wanted another hobby that bridged two of the things I really enjoy: computer programming and games. My three favorite games during the 2000's were: LOTR (cards), SWCCG (cards), and Halo (PC). Since GEMP existed for both LOTR and SWCCG, I didn't really have much desire to invest more time into either of those games. However, around that same time, I learned that the Halo games that I enjoyed so much were going to be ported from XBox to PC, where developing and circulating mods is a popular hobby; and it certainly caught my eye.

Over much of the last year, I've spent a lot of time working on a mod to make available when the PC version of the game was released. Now that is has been released, I wanted to share a link to it in case you either just wanted to see what I had been working on since GEMP, or if you actually wanted to try it out, or know someone else that might. I'm not trying to build a YouTube subscriber base or anything like that, but just wanted to share something I've put a lot of effort into and make it available for as many others to enjoy as possible.

Here's a link to the mod: ... n/mods/368
Here's a YouTube video about it:

Hope you all are well!


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Re: My latest project

Post by arebelspy »

Really cool Troy!

Hope all is well now with your daughter.

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Re: My latest project

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i still remember my awkward conversation with you at minnesota worlds, and blame myself for you leaving, i was too stoned and probably scared the crap outta you
Jerry H

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