Star Wars - The Bad Batch

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Star Wars - The Bad Batch

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The next Star Wars animated series was announced and it follows the Bad Batch after Order 66. ... s-announce

This should be an interesting series as we don't have many stories detailing this time period. Furthermore, it will be interesting to see a time where the clones still predominantly make up the Imperial military including fan favorites like Cody, Echo, etc.

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Re: Star Wars - The Bad Batch

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I'm curious about this. The characters didn't do much for me from the show, and its interesting to choose them as the lead into the Dark Times area. I always got a Null Commandos vibe from them, like they were the new canon version of the Null ARCs from Karen Traviss's Republic Commando series. So it'd be interesting if they kept that going perhaps, and maybe give them a 'father figure' type like the originals had Kal Skirata. Could be interesting, but I dunno.

I'll end up watching, its SW and all. And SW does work well for animated. Though I have yet to see any of Resistance other than the first episode, it just didn't capture me at all.

I'm afraid this will just be TCW 2 though, and basically just be TCW post-CW and will just continue Filoni characters. By season 2 or 3 they'll re-introduce Ahsoka into it, and have it lead up to Rebels. Which I fully expect this to do. By 5 years from now, we'll have a continuous run of animated shows that go with the SW movie timeline. TCW leading into Bad Batch leading into Rebels leading into the movies leading into Resistance, and Ahsoka will run through all of them. *eye roll*

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Re: Star Wars - The Bad Batch

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Likewise, being the 'bad batch' guys are we sure they'll still be empire? I know we saw clearly it looked like none were immune to Order 66, but with all their "mutations" I'm curious.
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