The props thread

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Re: The props thread

Post by kryptofis »

Props to Emil for winning it all.
+ Props
To Angelo for doing all that he did for so many other players (+me) and still almost winning it all.
To Chris who made me want to come to every European and next Worlds.
To Nico for being a gentelman and a scholar (+a great tutor).
To Basse, Marvin (and Julien) for being a great team and ppl.
To Basse for being drunk.
To Darren for being such a friendly and helpful person.
To DDM for being himself.
To Michael Richards for being so much nicer in person.
To other Americans for coming over.
To my opponents who made it a fun tournament.
To Moritz for letting me stay over.
To the bar crew.
To the community - that made me feel like a part of something great.


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Re: The props thread

Post by Shadow 14 »

To Enno Haede, Dennis Hes and Bas van Zuillen for offering very generous prize support!!

To Gregor Karbstein, Stefaan Lambrecht and Darren Pilbeam/Paul McPherson for collecting lots of money for the event. The flight leaders of course, too.
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Re: The props thread

Post by Tusken84 »

kryptofis wrote:To Nico for being a gentelman and a scholar (+a great tutor).
Now, you are the master... :!!!: ;)
Tue Mar 06, 2012 5:50 (AM):
Shadow 14 wrote: I absolutely agree with Tusken84.

Paul McPherson
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Re: The props thread

Post by Paul McPherson »

To Chris for his relentless pursuit in bringing the World Championship to Europe.
To Chris and David for selflessly running Day 2 and Day 3.
To Angelo for running Day 0 and Day 1.
To Angelo for arranging the special trophy for Chris and the travel voucher.
To Chris and Angelo for travelling all over Europe and (with David) to the USA over the past two years to drum up support for this event.
To all of the European players who attended the year starter in Berlin last year (25 players), the German National last year (20 players) and the European Championship last year (45 players) - without you this would not have been possible.
To the 54 players who participated in Day 2 - this turnout gives credibility to the World Championship being in Europe and hopefully results in it happening again at some point in the future.
To all of the American players who attended the event - we all know and appreciate how difficult it is to attend a tournament in a different continent.
To all of the players who made Day 3 - a special mention must go out to Marc Nickels - none of us saw that coming :-D . I was also pleased to see many of my Star Wars "friends" placing well (Emil, Angelo, Ziemowit, Nico, Julien and Marc).
To Emil for taking the European Tournament scene by storm during the past year.
To Enno for picking Darren and I up from the airport on Friday night/Saturday morning and dropping us off again on Sunday evening - if you ever need a favour doing when you are in the UK then just ask :-D .
To Darren for attending despite booking his flight for the wrong day!
To Team Wales - as much as it pains me to say it, well played boys (and I'm still singing "as long as we beat the English"!!!).
To Team England for being such gracious losers in every sense of the word.
To the bar staff at the venue - the bringers of beer and food!
To Emil for drinking "that" beer.
To all of my opponents over the course of the 3 days - it was great to cross swords with some old adversaries as well as playing some new players.
To Meike - I just don't want to know why you and Chris have the Leia and Han costumes ;) .

Finally I would like to say a word on the standing ovation that Chris recieved at the start of Day 2. This was a spontaneous ovation which lasted well over two minutes and only stopped when he insisted. I was genuinely almost moved to tears so quite how the Emperor himself did not breakdown I do not know. I did not manage to contribute towards the travel voucher but instead I would like to pay Chris' entry fee for any event that he and I both attend from now until the day that we stop playing - this is non-negotiable :saber: .

Can't wait to see you all again at the UK National in May :-D and at the European Championship in Bochum next year.

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Re: The props thread

Post by Shadow 14 »

Well said, Paul. Amen, brother!

And much thanks for the entry fee offer. You of course can't stop playing now. ;)

About the breakdown. I just didn't have it because I couldn't afford to. I always thought "No break down, no breakdown, you gatta finish that!!". I had it 2 days in the car though, and had to pull over. Robbie Williams and the memory of standing ovations bring this Emperor down any day. It will ever remain one of the most beautiful memories of my life!

Thanks again, all of you!
Chris (Euro Emperor) Menzel
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Re: The props thread

Post by aermet69 »

The Emperor should not listen to Robbie Williams!
- Casper Jørgensen
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Re: The props thread

Post by Dan »

A massive thanks to everyone at the worlds. it was great to meet some faces from these forums and to play so many good games of SWCCG. I'm really looking forward to the next big event I attend.

Team Wales - thanks for adopting a poor lone english man and Thursday/Friday.

Team Wales - not so many thanks for crushing England on Saturday, but way to go Marc finishing I think 6th over all! Thats great.

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Re: The props thread

Post by sjacree »

Props to all the PC volunteers that provided us with the most diverse meta we have had in a long time.
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Re: The props thread

Post by mr007agent »

kryptofis wrote: To Michael Richards for being so much nicer in person.
:lol: Am I mean on the internetz?
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