Round 1 - Angelo (2) vs Julian (7)

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Round 1 - Angelo (2) vs Julian (7)

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Game Report from Stefaan Irol Lambrecht

Angelo’s Profit vs. Julian’s huntdown(V).
Angelo starts with Quick draw(V), IMBATS(V) and Seeking an audience(V).
Julian begins with Ni chuba na?(V), Gift of the master(V) and Endor shield(V).
Dr. Evazan & Ponda Baba and Mara Jade with lightsaber are the aliens at AC.

Turn 1.
Julian activates 7; deploys Blaster rack, Flagship bridge, Endor system and Imperial justice (P-59, 4-LOM and Sith fury stacked on it). Julian also searches for Galen’s fighter but fails to find him. Angelo is happy to check his opponent’s deck.
Julian draws cards and leaves 2 force in his force pile.
Angelo activates only 5 force. He finds and deploys Sai’Torr Kal Fas, Lars moisture farm, Boss Nass chambers and Yavin 4 war room (with Rebel leadership, which is grabbed). He uses the once per game ability of the war room to exchange a card with the top card of his used pile. He finds naked 3PO which deploys for 0 force on Jabba’s palace. Angelo draws cards and leaves 2 force in his force pile.

Julian activates 12. Black leader comes to Endor. Cyborg Commander with Cyborg commander’s lightsaber come to the AC. One force is left in his force pile.
Angelo activates 11. He draws a lot of cards and filters his deck with 3PO. I could glance at Angelo’s hand, he has very few characters in hand. He leaves 3 force in the force pile. Julian fetches Ghhhk with Masterful move.

Turn 3.
Julian activates 12 and drains for 2 at Endor. Angelo plays LTWW and keeps It’s a hit. Julian takes the initiative; deploys Nevar to Imperial city and choke Vader with lightsaber to the blockade flagship hallway. His objective is flipped. He now has 5 cards in hand and 2 in the force pile.
Angelo now also activates 12 force. He deploys Boussh + saber in front of Nevar and breaks cover. Obi-wan + saber joins 3PO at Jabba’s palace. Huntdown(V) flips back. A battle is initiated at Nevar’s location. He goes down with 5 overflow. Julian doesn’t use ghhhk to cover this loss. At this stage of the game, I found it a good decision.

Turn 4.
Julian activates 13 now. He drains for 4 now. He uses the Fanfare shield to fetch an immediate effect, which is apparently not in his deck. I saw the cards in the deck, the destinies are still very mediocre. He uses Endor shield to fetch Thrawn and reinforces Endor. 4-LOM(V) comes to Coruscant and starts filtering right away. Five force is left in the force pile.
Angelo activates 12. He checks his deck. There was only one low destiny, all the others are 4+. Yoda comes to Vader (deploy + 2 for Jedi there) and Luke SITF + saber joins Obi-wan. Angelo later admitted he overlooked the +2 deployment at the flagship site and would have switched Luke and Yoda. A battle is initiated involving Vader and Yoda. Julian reacts with Garindan, who joins the used pile to protect Vader against Yoda’s lightsaber swing. Julian draws 1,5 and fails to hit Yoda. A small but crucial mistake is made here: Julian should have used Imperial Justice to take into hand Sith fury and then use it to redraw his bad weapon destiny. If he did, Yoda would have been hit by Vader and lost with 5 overflow + whatever battle destiny is drawn. Angelo loses 3 force to keep Yoda on table while Vader goes to the lost pile. Julian then retrieves Vader with Weapon levitation & The empire’s back.

Turn 5.
Julian activates 11 force and tracked choke Vader in his hand with 4-LOM. He drains for 2. The Sith lord comes back to the farm. Julian draws some cards and keeps 3 force in his force pile.
Angelo activates a lot of force and starts to drain hard with Obi-Wan. Yoda and Boussh do this as well, as they are not on Tatooine. He then nabrun leids Boussh in front of Vader.

Turn 6.
Both players have about 17 life force. Julian tries to disarm Boussh but it is canceled. Galen comes to Yoda’s site. He first initiates battle with Vader against Boussh, who chickens out with a narrow escape. Galen’s attempt to battle Yoda away fails and he goes to the lost pile himself.
During Angelo’s activation phase, he uses 3PO to get the narrow escape back. He drains a lot and then waits for things to come.

Turn 7.
Julian makes a final attack on Padmé with a battle droid squad, but it’s a trap cancels the battle right away.
After the heavy drains of Angelo, both players start doing math and shake hands.

Angelo wins with +14 and 21 cards in the lost pile.

Game 2.
Angelo’s ASM vs. Julian’s Combat racing.
Angelo starts with Jabba’s heaven(V), Ni chuba na?(V) and Gift of the master(V).
Julian begins with Sai’torr Kal Fas and Anakins podracer. Angelo deploys no podracer.

Turn 1.
Angelo activates 11, Julian has a 3 stacked on his podracer. Blaster rack and blockade flagship hallway hit the table. A battle droid squad moves the prisoner to Coruscant docking bay.
Julian also activates 11. Yoda + saber comes to the generator. Home one war room is also deployed. Julian draws up until he has 14 cards in hand. He has a lot of red cards and relatively few characters.

Angelo activates 15. Julian doesn’t stack his podracer destinies (1,1). Angelo deploys Nal Hutta system with the Victory there and battle order shield. The battle droid squad transits to the blockade flagship docking bay and ASM is flipped. Angelo takes OOM9(V) into hand. He also reveals Maul from force pile, which is sent to the used pile by losing 2 force. After drawing cards, Angelo keeps 3 force in force pile.
Julian activates 12 and takes sense into hand with Yoda. Angelo responds with the TINT shield. The drain of 3 on the generator is absorbed with one card and an imperial propaganda. HCF attacks the Victory but gets barriered. Julian plays his sense, but this is canceled by control & SFS. Julian now deploys his grabber shield. HCF upkeep cost is paid.

Turn 3.
Angelo activates 14. Again no destinies are stacked on the podracer. He shows Force push from his force pile, which is sent to used by Julian with a force loss of 2. OOM9(V) comes to the blockage flagship hallway. The secret plans and firepower shields are deployed as well. Cyborg commander + a bodyguard droid attack Yoda at the generator. The Cyborg commander gets weapon levitated and then Yoda dodges away (2 force loss with Firepower shield) because Angelo has much more power. Angelo leaves 1 force in force pile.
Julian activates 15 and drains for 3. Mace Windu battles the Commander. He sabers the bodyguard droid, but misses the Commander. His battle destiny is also low. Julian loses 7 force to keep Mace on table. Yoda moves to Mace’s location in front of the Commander. In space, HCF now battles the Victory. The star destroyer goes lost and HCF stays on table after paying the upkeep of 3.

Turn 4.
Angelo activates 17. Julian now stacks on the podracer (total of 12 now). Angelo reveals 4-LOM from force pile, who is once again sent to the use pile at the cost of two force loss. Angelo plays elis helrot to move the commander to the empty generator site and drains for 3 there. The other drains begin to hurt now, Julian’s lost pile becomes anxiously large now. He plays escape pod, which is grabbed by Angelo.
Julian activates a lot now, his drain of 4 is canceled by a react from Garindan, who gets the finger of death by the objective. Julian moves his Jedi in front of the commander and draws some cards. The upkeep of HCF is paid once more.

Turn 5.
Angelo activates and drains for 2 + deals one force loss from his objective. The podrace is at 24 now. Angelo plays no escape to take back his Garindan. Jabba’s heaven takes back Boba Fett in Slave I and together with ZiMH he successfully defeats HCF.
Julian activates everything and drains for 4. He draws up and leaves some force in the force pile.
Turn 6.
Angelo drains a lot now and drops the secret plans shield. Julian has only 5 life force remaining and is unable to retrieve from the podrace. Angelo loses 6 cards. The game is in the pocket for Angelo and after some math both players shake hands.

FW +10 for Angelo

Chris (Euro Emperor) Menzel
Hannover - Germany

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