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Worlds Day 0 and Day 1 - Report

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I apologize for the long report but I don’t want to miss anything. I have divided it into two parts so you can skip the first one if you want :-D

Day -1 (Wednesday) – the road trip

Our trip was planned together with Team Copenhagen, so me and Pär (with whom I had play tested a lot before Worlds) took the 1-hour train to Copenhagen. In Copenhagen, we met Casper (aermet69), took another train to Flintholm where we met Kristian (rax). We then drove to Horsens (farmer land in the other part of Denmark) to Rasmus´ (Twotak) house. We picked up another member of Team Copenhagen in Horsens, Morten (Zenith), and awaited the last participant Kent. From Horsens it is roughly a 6-hour drive to Bochum, but it would take much longer than that. Rasmus and Kent drove two thirds of the way, and then I drove the last part. The other guys started drinking a lot of beer when I was driving and needed to stop every ten minutes to pee, so the trip took for ever. I threatened not to stop and they threatened to pee in the car... We arrived after 10 in the evening and then we all went to the hotel bar (except for Pär who collapsed after too many beers in the car). Rasmus owed me beer for “forcing” me to drive his car from Hamburg to Bochum ;)

Day 0 (Thursday) - warming up

A long sleep in the morning was followed by some play testing. We knew there would not be a lot of time for play testing in the coming days if we wanted to participate in all the fun, so this helped a lot. We then located the tournament venue, Zu den vier winden. This place is a really cool bar, restaurant, gaming club etc, inspired by medieval themes (dragons, swords and stuff on the walls). They have one larger room (where you can have larger events) and one smaller gaming room (where the top 8 on day 3 would be played). In between these two rooms there is a “lounge” with a bar/restaurant with very reasonable prices. We went there in the evening for a warm-up tournament and to meet up with the other guys who had arrived in Bochum early. We had a bunch of beers before the tournament, which set the mood.

The warm-up tournament
This tournament had two byes, so for some guys this was a pretty serious tournament. For me the memory is kind of foggy, and I can’t remember too much of the games. I played two decks I would not use on Day 2; a pretty standard Imperial Occupation v for DS, and a Liberation deck with Gunrunner for LS.

Game 1 Liberation vs. Endor Ops (Jonas Juck)
Endor Ties vs. liberation. SFS cannons vs. Enhanced proton Torpedoes/Gunrunner. We battled a lot in space, and I won most battles early on. But Jonas clawed his way back in with more Ties + All Power To Weapons, eventually clearings two systems where he got some steady drains thanks to Ominous Rumours. I could not cancel the drains enough so I lost lots of force. In the end time was called and I won by 1-2 force. If we had played for five more minutes, I’d probably lost by a few cards
FW +1

Game 2 Walkers vs. Liberation (Pär Birgander)
I know I won. But I can’t remember a second of this game. Guess I was a tad bit too drunk at this point.
FW + 15

Game 3 Liberation vs. A Stunning Move (Kristian Lund)
This is likely the most epic game I’ve ever played. Not because of how the game went or how we played. More because of how we did not play. We were talking a lot before the game and suddenly realised that the others started their games 10 minutes ago. So we started shuffling and both did our first turn. In my 2nd turn I looked for stuff in my reserve deck and reshuffled. Since I was a bit drunk, I put down my deck aggressively on the table. Kristian decided to do the same, while also stealing my beer again (I had a recurring order of Guinness to our table, so there was always a new one when the last one was finished). When he took my beer and drank of it again, I said something funny (can’t even remember what it was), that made Kristian spit all the beer over my entire deck. He missed every single of his own cards, and hit every last one of my cards. The next 20 minutes was spent laughing at this event, and the fact that Kristian managed to break a bunch of his own sleeves in some weird pattern when putting down his reserve deck. 40 minutes into the game I had finally cleaned all my cards and sleeves, and I could continue my 2nd turn. I know I won in the end though…
FW + 8

Game 4 Walkers vs. Scoundrels (Casper Jörgensen)
Casper and I where both 3-0 going into this game and the winner of this game would win the tournament. Casper just put Han w his gun at the interior 2/2 site, so he was safe there all game. I blew the generators on my first try and did some early damage. Casper went to Hoth before I got any ships, making it really difficult to deploy there. Eventually I got into space, but never had an Imperial Command so Casper always had 2 BD. I won most of the battles at the Defensive Perimeter, but Casper did a little more damage each turn (mainly thanks to Han on the 2/2 site) and won a close, interactive, game with one force on time (he had five cards, I had four).
Casper also won the tournament.
FL - 1

After the tournament we had some more beer, and then another beer, before getting some much-needed sleep.

Day 1 (Friday) - tournaments en masse

The Cube
The day started with the first part of the Viking War. The Viking Cube. 4 Swedes and 5 Danes and John as honorary/temporary Swede battled it out. I picked only aliens and independent starships for my deck. I had Scum and Villainy, which I started in the AC with Twilek. This gave me the edge in every game from turn 1. Free retrieval in every battle, deploy -1 to all my characters. I never deployed more than one location (apart from the Audience Chamber) in any game, as everything in my deck had such low deploy cost, so I also had good destinies in the deck. In this format, Scum was a bit broken, so I won all three games with a decent differential and won the tournament. Had any of my opponents played Master Luke, they could have wrecked me though… I played Vs Kristian (mostly space with matching ships), Jesper (Orrimarko, Leia, scouts and weapons on ground), Rasmus (Mon Calamari Starships + Ackbar in space, and loads of characters for ground).

Directly after the Cube, we proceeded with the Y2K Tournament (and of course more beer; I can’t stress enough how great it is to have a tournament venue that serves beer at the table).
8 players had prepared decks, and we played 4 games. I had my old Brangus Glee deck (with Lord Vader, Mara, Emperor, Janus and Brangus as ground crew, and BH ships + Tie w Sienar as space) and a standard WYS beatdown (starts Draw Their Fire).

Game 1 Brangus vs. Morten Iversen and his Hidden Mains
I played Mara to DS: DB for activation. He played KalFalnl to H1:DB. Next turn he moved Obi and Kal to DS:DB. I played Vader with LS, Brangus and You are beaten on Obi. 13-card beatdown. Two turns later I did the same to Leia and Obi. GG. FW

Game 2 WYS vs. Nico Oster and his ISB Operations
Nico had a big blue ISB deck. I slowed him down a lot with an early Monnok and flipped my objective by going to space. Eventually he got Executor with some dudes and a walker with an ORS. I deployed EPP Han, EPP Chewie and Artoo & Threepio for 4 battle destinies and with no Ghhhk the game was over by then. FW

Game 3 WYS vs. Kristian and his Hunt Down
We both lost cards to Visage early on. Vader, Mara, Emperor and the Dr. controlled Cantina and my Tatooine: DB, while I had a couple smugglers at the Spaceport: DB. I controlled both Kessel and Tatooine, so I did more damage. I also played, and satifisfied, Battle Plan. Eventually Kristian came to space, but X-wing laser cannons, Power Pivot and multiple battle destinies won a pretty close game. Kristian had seriously bad luck with his destinies in each battle, so this could have ended very differently. FW

Game 4 Brangus vs. Michael Richards and his Hidden Mains
This game was pretty similar to the first game, with Lord Vader and Mara wreaking havoc with lightsabers, You Are Beaten etc. and Brangus being broken by just retrieving any card you just lost. FW

I ended up winning the tournament. I really don’t think the game was better of back then. Shields and virtual cards have enhanced this game, and it felt a bit silly not paying to drain nor paying for retrieval. Still, it was fun to play this format.

More beer was had, before the third tournament of the day started. All my fellow Swedes chickened out (they wanted sleep before Day 2), so I had to find a new partner. My team name was “Me, myself and I” for a moment, before Stephan Drewel (thanks a lot!) joined me. We formed the formidable team “Me, myself and Stephan”. I decided to test my RSTv to see if it could be a potential Day 3 deck (if I made it to Day 3).

The Team Tournament
The 3rd tournament of the day started against the American team Moves Like Jabba (John Anderson / Brian Herold). I don’t remember that much from my games, but it was awesome meeting and playing against some guys you only knew by forum names.

Game 1 my RST v vs. Contract Killers (John Anderson)
This was very interactive. I failed blowing the bunker early so I used a Nabrun to apply a beat down on Mara on Coruscant instead of staying and attempting the blow again. This was apparently a good move as it gave me the edge all game. I believe I blew the bunker in the end which ended the game.
FW + 21

Next game was against Crazy Monkey (DDM & Tamas)

Game 2 my RST v vs. Spice Mining (DDM)
By now I had gotten my huge beer (roughly 2 litres), which makes my recollection of this game a bit difficult. I know I blew the bunker and we battled a bunch, and I was ahead by a small margin all game. I won a close game by 13. I also learned that you don’t need to occupy Kessel: Spice Mines- Extraction Facility to use its game text…

FW +13

Next game was against Team Lonestar and Barf (Gregor & Nico)

Game 3 my RST v vs. Nico Sauer
Not a clue what happened here. The amount of beer I had been drinking all day probably caught up with me. I won.

FW +22

The last game was against Team Nightmare (Nico & Chris)

Game 4 my RST v vs. Chris Menzel’s Hunt Down non-v
Chris disrupted me in the bunker all game (Vader, Maul etc). We both lost to Visage more or less every turn of the game and we both lost lots characters in battles. I believe I won by causing minor overflow on Vader one or two times in the endgame. Chris was not too happy about being beaten by a drunken Swede :-D

FW + 5

We ended up in 5th place due to bad differential. Team Nightmare won, and I am really glad Chris got to win the one tournament he could actually participate in. I got home late in the morning and started writing deck lists and changing some cards for my decks. The RSTv deck worked pretty well, but had some troubles against playing who knew what they were facing. I went back to the hotel to fix my decks for Day 2. Pär woke up and decided to change light side deck for Day 2 as well.

continued in part 2

Emil W. Sweden

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