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Worlds Day 2 and Day 3 - Report

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I apologize for the long report but I don’t want to miss anything. I have divided it into two parts so you can skip the first one if you want :-D

Saturday, Day 2, World Championship 2012

So, the big event we all had waited for. 54 players showed up and as expected the amount of players delayed the tournament start. Chris and his wife were dressed as Han and Leia, which was very well received. Just before the tournament, Angelo presented Chris with an award and A Gift that he had collected from most of the players attending the tournament; a lifetime achievement award and a travel voucher to use for visiting SWCCG events. Chris was obviously moved by this, but it was no more than deserved (the two minute spontaneous standing ovation was awesome). Huge props to Angelo for doing this as well.

My deck choices for Day 2:
Me and Pär play tested a lot of different LS decks in the last couple of weeks. Yavin IV Liberation, Communing/Bowcaster, RSTv etc. Several of these lost horribly to ASM & Ties and had troubles with walkers. All along I felt that my TIGIH was strong, and every card I added/changed, made it feel better, so I decided to use it.

Boring Ties for DS
I knew most players would be prepared for my spice clouds deck, but I felt it was still too strong to ignore. The only other deck that was in the contention was ASM ("regular" version, with lots of high destinies, packing 2x Stop Motion v, 2x Cold Feet v etc) but in play testing it had troubles against both TIGIH and Liberation, so I decided against playing it for day 2. In play testing Choke Vader and Set for Stun were key cards in helping eliminate the threat of I Hope She's Allright.

The pairings were announced and I faced a great guy I’d just met the day before.

Game 1 Spice Ties vs. Julian Fuss and his LS Combat
Julian had built a version of my combat deck from Europeans, so I knew more or less every card and every possible game scenario in this matchup. If Julian doesn’t get any huge early pressure, I should win. I did my usual (clouds, retrieval, draining, mining, and pinging). He tried to battle me in space with Gold Leader and HCF, but I had the He Is Not Ready combo to prevent him from drawing battle destinies at Kessel. In two turns he only got one Jedi to Naboo as well, so he didn’t do any real damage early on. He retrieved from the podrace but it was already too late. A boring game, but Julian is a great guy and he would do well later in day 2.


Game 2 my TIGIH vs. Enno Haede and his ASM
I've met Enno a couple of times but haven't played against him before. This was a rather quick game. I Weapon lev’ed Galen’s lightsaber the 2nd turn, and won every battle we had. He had some bad luck with destinies, and the early loss of Galen was crucial. This was a quick game, where Enno couldn’t do much.


Game 3 my TIGIH vs. Floris and his ASM
Another ASM, this time a really difficult game. Floris used The Dark Path v and A Sith’s Weapon to redraw destinies and swing twice, as well as many high destinies in the deck. I start Mace and he immediately starts battling me. He managed to hit my Jedi in every battle, and we killed characters on both sides every turn. Floris was getting board control in the end due to drawing better destinies and keeping his objective flipped, but when time was called I had one or two more cards than him. The reason Floris had so many lost cards was due to his own cards (A Sith’s Weapon and The Dark Path v, where he loses cards to redraw destinies and swing twice). Afterwards we realized that we forgot Draw Their Fire one or two times when he attacked, which would have lost me the game. I felt really bad about that. Floris is a really good player and his deck was very impressive.


Game 4 my TIEs vs. Cedrik Vanderhaegen and his Hyperdrive
This would be another non-interactive damage race. Cedrik got two Jedi down early and I Hope She’s Allright, and stacking cards every turn on Credits. I got TIEs to clouds and Kessel early. We both did an equal amount of damage for a couple of turns, but I retrieved two cards every turn, cancelled most of his drains and reduced damage with spice mining. In the end I had ~10 cards left, which is what I retrieved in the game. Non-interactive game once more.


Game 5 my TIEs vs. Michael Richards and his Rebel Senate
Michael used Tunnel Vision-Bail in the beginning and set up with rebels at two Coruscant sites as well as my Office (using IL-19 and Corran). He didn’t do a lot of damage in the beginning, while I did my usual stuff. He then got Home One with Ackbar to Dressel, and Luke Skywalker v. He then persona replaced Bail (to the one who retrieves when force draining with a rebel). This meant he would drain for eight cards and retrieve four (Bail and Luke). I did four-five damage each turn, while retrieving but Michael slowed caught up with me thanks to his retrieval. I managed to kill him off the Office with two pilots, and block the Dressel drain with two TIE (the Baron for extra BD), as well as getting U-3PO to one of his sites. This again gave me the edge since I was stronger in space (All Power To Weapons making me immune, Short Range Fighters giving me extra BD even if he plays Rebel Leadership) and I won a close game.


Game 6 my TIGIH vs. Angelo and his ASM
This was my third game against ASM in this tournament; a standard move obviously. I started Mace. Angelo didn't battle Mace turn 1. In my turn I deployed Obi-Wan and his Lightsaber to Blockade Flagship, I Hope She's Allright and moved Luke to Endor: DB. I wanted to apply a lot of early pressure. Maul and Cyborg battle Mace; Mace and Cyborg dies. I drain with Luke and Obi for 2+2. Galen and OOM-9 kills Obi next turn, Qui-Gon and Lando overflows OOM for a Ghhhk on my next turn. The game continues in the same fashion, battles every turn, but eventually Angelo just runs away from my three characters with Maul and Cyborg. I had IL-19 and Angelo was afraid of Don't Forget the Droids v (which I didn't have), so he ran between the Blockade Flagship sites. Time was coming up and I didn't want to stall so I ended my turn and two seconds later the judge says Time. Angelo deals more damage in his final turn than I so he wins by two cards. I had Obi and Houjix in hand and Draw Their Fire, so I should just have deployed, battled and won the game on time.

I was not happy about my final turn, where I should’ve won. I also forgot to move the prisoner back to Coruscant two times, which most likely would have given me the victory. But since I shouldn’t have won my game against Floris, it was no less than I deserved .


Game 7 my TIEs vs. Gunnar and his Hyperdrive
Another Hyperdrive but this game went a different path than the first one vs. Cedrik. I got U-3PO down turn two, and Gunnar couldn’t find his SATM. He decided to battle me in the clouds instead, which went well for him. He used Lando and his Luxury Yacht for two BD, and managed to survive for a long time in the clouds. This prevented me from draining and pinging there. I did some damage at Kessel, a little damage with mining and eventually won in space. But by then Gunnar had killed U-3PO and started stacking cards on Credits, so I won by just seven cards. The early U-3PO was gold but I couldn’t find my ships and weapons to kill him earlier in the clouds. The sad part about winning was that I probably kicked my fellow Swede out of the contention for day 3.


Game 8 my TIGIH vs. Krypto and his RalOps
One of the few match-ups I hadn’t tried with my deck. He pulled Ozzel and deployed him to Endor: DB to force choke me early on. Luke moved to Ozzel, Ozzel moved to Ralltiir. He set up on Ralltiir, going for the flip. I got Tantive IV to Ralltiir and started stacking pilots there. Home One visited as well. I kept flipping him back by using my Jedi Masters on the ground and controlling Ralltiir. In the end he tried to spread a bit (deploying Endor with a ship for example) but I had prevented him from being flipped too much, and controlling Ralltiir was the key to me winning.


With this win I had secured my day 3 spot, and since it was almost 3 in the morning, I decided to go to bed. Pär woke me up when he got home (after drinking) and told me that I finished first and would face Marc Nickels, who finished eighth.

Saturday, Day 3, Top 8

I decided to stick with the same decks as yesterday, with some minor changes. I added 2x Out of commission, 2x Smoke Screen and another Sense to the TIGIH deck. For the Spice Ties deck, I added another Vader, Zuckuss in Mist Hunter, another Ghhhk and A Dark Time for the Rebellion. Choke Vader had proved to be really effective in play testing (for example against Profit, you could battle with Vader in the Chamber, choke Han, and Ghhhk the battle – Profit loses one turn of damage and have to retrieve Han’s Utility Belt to get back in the damage race) - especially since he targets ability and their is no easy way of preventing him from attempting the choke.

Round 1
I was paired against Marc Nickels from Wales. I had no idea what he would play, so I was a bit worried. I decided to start with my TIGIH.

Round 1, Game 1. TIGIH vs. HD non-v
Marc showed the old Hunt Down, and I was really worried. If Hunt Down gets Vader turn 1, and I get no locations early on, I will be severely force choked for the first few turns. Marc had no Vader in his starting hand though. I had Out of commission, and cancelled Visage. He had a WMAOP and got a 2nd Visage in his first turn though. He deployed it (lost 2 force) and deployed Blast Door Controls. I used Wesa to get NB: Chambers, which I deployed along with Jedi Council Chamber. I moved Luke to the DB. Marc deploys Galen with a lightsaber and fights Luke. Both dies, and power is 10-10 so no stack on I Feel the Conflict. I was way ahead with activation at this point (Marc got no locations nor any pullers). Mace goes to the DB, and then Marc deploys Back Door with the Emperor. In my turn I battle the Emperor with Qui-Gon and Chewie, causing overflow. Marc was losing cards fast (to First Strike, Visage, and overflow) at this point, but was still causing enough damage to stay in the game. He deployed Blizzard 4 to get Vader and his saber. Qui-Gon and Chewie then dies while when killing Blizzard 4 in my turn. Mace is at the DB and dies to against EPP Maul. Smoke screen makes me some more battles and causing overflow. I cancel Visage with Boushh. Marc manages to hit my Jedi everytime (drawing sixes and sevens) while drawing zeroes and ones as battle destinies, while I hit AND draw high destinies. Eventually I overflow a lone Galen with 2 Jedi and screaming Lando and Marc has no Ghhk. This game was fun to play, we battled a lot, but I had better destinies and activation throughout the game, which won we me the game.

FW + 16

Round 1, Game 2. Spice Ties vs. WHAP
I did the usual. Deploy Wakeelmui, two Storm Clouds and ties to the Clouds as well as Kessel. Marc started A good blaster at your side, and flipped early with Amidala and Obi. More or less every turn went the same way for me; I ping, drain, retrieve and spice mine. Marc pinged with Panaka, and Amidala (both with the objective and their blasters). I knew I had to prevent enough damage from them in order to win the game. A Set for Stun on Amidala in Marc’s draw phase, and another Set for Stun in my turn prevented a full turn of damage for Marc. I also prevented four damage from the objective with Desperate Counter, and by Turn 6 I had already done enough damage to win.

A boring, non-interactive game. The ties are silly, but without the Set for stuns this game would have been close.

FW +21

So I pass to the next round and head for the bar (for food, not beer), while I await the results of the other games.

Round 2
Krypto beats Thomas, so I get to play Krypto again in the second round. I opted to start with light side again.

Round 2, Game 1. TIGIH vs. RalOPS
We played this game last night and it was a pretty close game. Krypto pulls Veers & Ozzel and deploy Ozzel to Endor: DB, and deploys 2 Spaceport sites. I activate 4, deploy two 2/0 sites and move Luke to get captured. He then deploys another site, Blizzard 4 (w Endicott), Imperial Justice v. He the deploys Nevar to another site and moves Ozzel to Ralltiir. Nevar moves to Blizz4 and Krypto looks at my hand. He then loses 2 since Luke is not escorted by Vader. I deploy another War Room and then Mace with a lightsaber to one of the sites and another 2/0 site. Krypto drains, and add Vader to his site, and moves in front of Mace. Mace runs away, I build my hand. Next turn another site comes down and Krypto deploys more characters to flip his objective, again moving in front of Mace. I deploy Tantive IV to Ralltiir and Ackbar to the docking bay, flipping him back. I then run away with Mace. From then on we battled every turn in space, where I won and kept flipping him back. I got Qui-Gon with a lightsaber down to Ralltiir as well. It was pretty even on ground and Vader held Luke all game. I had around twenty cards left and Krypto had twelve, when I got my 4th card on I Feel the Conflict in the 9th turn. I then duelled Vader and won, which depleted Krypto’s life force. A great game which was won by getting an early Tantive IV v to Ralltiir.

FW +18

I now felt pretty confident going into game 2, which I really shouldn’t have.

Round 2, Game 2. Spice Ties vs. WYS v
First turn I got Lateral and Zuckuss which killed Captain Han and left the Falcon alone. He just deployed sites and drew cards. I deployed my 2nd cloud, a tie and moved Zuckuss to the clouds deployed to Corellia. I forgot that Zuckuss couldn’t do damage with I’m Sorry as he is, obviously, not a TIE. Krypto deployed two scrubs and I hope She’s Allright. I lost Vader from top of my reserve deck (ouch). My turn, Set for Stun on Bruckman to cancel IHSA. Drain for 2, spice mining and deploy a TIE to the 2nd cloud for ping damage. He deployed another Corellian to one site, Alderaan CS with Wedge to Corellia, No Questions Asked, and Ki-Adi Mundi to one site. He used Ki-Adi Mundi to get IHSA, and deployed it again. I did the regular damage in my turn, but had no cards to deploy so I had to draw cards. I started losing lots of cards at this point due to IHSA. I cancelled two of his Corellia drains, and lost 2-3 more cards in his turn. Next turn I do my usual, boring, stuff. I then deploy Saber 1 and the Baron to Corellia, and move a Tie from the clouds to Corellia (with APTW and two battle destinies I felt safe in space). But Krypto continued to do more damage, and I missed the retrieval with Floating Refinery several times, so I was quickly losing. He even cancelled one of my drains with a Surprise Assault, which caused even more damage. I did my best do as much damage as I could, and got him down to 14 cards, before drawing up. I never got Choke Vader into hand, which would have made a huge difference (battle a lone Corellian, kill him, and then satisfy IHSA. If he battles Vader he will lose at least one more guy, and I will Ghhhk). All credit to Krypto though, for being the first guy to beat my deck, and optimizing his WYS v deck perfectly for day 3.

FL – 14. I survived a huge scare and proceeded to the final confrontation.

The final Confrontation

Me and Angelo got to the finals, and I choose to start with light side. We played this matchup yesterday and hopefully my Smoke Screens would make a difference in this game.

I start Mace, get Quick Draw and Sai'Tor on my first turn and drain 1 with Luke. Angelo deploys Maul and Cyborg to battle Mace on turn 2. I play Smoke Screen, Mace gets hit. Maul and Mace die. Luke retrieves Mace (I forgot to retrieve my Smoke Screen with Mace when Maul died though). Obi joins Luke, and I reinforce my hand. Galen goes to Luke and Obi, but doesn't battle. In my turn I SATM Galen, drain for three, deploy Boushh and draws some. I play Out of Commission and get Maul's Lightsaber, which made Maul rather useless in this match. Boushh gets snipered, Battle Droid Squad visits the Jedi on Endor, but Angelo has low destinies in reserve, so he chooses not to battle and saves five force. I use Seeking to get Boushh back and re-deploy her to Cyborg Commander's site. Angelo uses Elis Helrot to run away with BDS; it gets grabbed. I knew I needed to do something to get the edge in this game as Angelo prevented my drains with Protocol Failure and retrieved it with Lightsaber Deficiency. I wanted to Focus on Nal Hutta (nothing had happened there yet), but didn't want to deploy there first. So I lost Home One from hand to the ping damage to "bait him". I retrieved Home One and four more cards using On the Edge (if Angelo had kept A Dark Time for the Rebellion v in his hand, the game would've been over there and then). Angelo put down Boba Fett in Slave 1 in his turn. Next turn I deployed Booster in Pulsar Skate with Ackbar, battled and used Rebel Leadership v. I won the battle, Angelo stacked a card and lost some overflow. I moved 2 Jedi to the Blockade Flagship: DB and Cyborg was left at the Hallway (where Boushh cancelled the drain). Angelo got Zuckuss in MH out in his turn and battled; I reacted with Tantive IV using Ackbar, but it gets barriered. I lose Ackbar to attrition. I play EPP Han and Chewie Enraged in my turn to Tantive and battle. Garindan v reacts so Angelo only loses Boba and Garindan to attrition - Chewie dies. I tracked my retrieved Home One so I had it in hand again and deployed it next turn, to kill Angelo in space (Zuckuss, Dr. Combo and 3 more cards, plus one card stacked). Angelo keeps stacking cards on I Feel The Conflict in every battle, and I was slowly winning the game. Angelo played really well to make me lose as many cards as possible though and in his last turn he deployed droids to two unoccupied battlegrounds. I battled OOM with Obi and Lando, Scoundrel, but forgot to play Smoke Screen for my second battle destiny so Angelo had one card left. He got me down 13 cards (which had been 14 with Smoke Screen).
FW +14
A great game that took close to two hours to finish.

Next game was my Ties against Angelo's Profit. I knew I would need Set for stun early and my Choke Vader. I do my usual, three Ties to the two clouds and to Kessel. Angelo flips with Leia and Chewie at the two Jabba's Palace sites. Angelo found his I Hope She's Allright early which put a lot of pressure on me. So I deployed Vader, DLOTS to the Chamber and battled Leia and Han. I failed to choke Han and drew a two for battle destiny. Angelo drew a one, so nothing happened. SATM killed Vader next turn so Angelo kept doing a lot of damage. Yoda Great Warrior entered play next turn, and he was crucial to Angelo winning. I tried to use my two Set for Stun in my following turn, but Yoda and Inconsequential Barriers cancelled both. The rest of the game was about damage reduction and losing by the smallest margin possible. I managed to grab both We're Doomed and It Could be Worse, so I did just enough damage to get Angelo down to 12 cards, before I lost.

It doesn’t get any closer than this. Any decision in the two games could’ve changed the outcome. For example, Angelo forgot Seeking An Audience v in the end, which could’ve given him Corran to get rid of U-3PO. I was seriously worried when I didn’t get rid of Han in the 2nd game (first missing with Choke Vader, then not being able to Set for Stun him – any of those two actions would’ve made the game much closer). Angelo is an amazing guy, and was totally deserving of winning this. The 1st game was a really, really good game of SWCCG. The 2nd game, not so much.

In hindsight (non-v) I should’ve played ASM day 3 as all my three opponents had prepared a lot for my Ties.

After the prize awards, I received another gigantic beer from the bar (thanks Zu den vier winden) which was emptied as soon as Thomas Whaley started drinking from it . That beer ended an amazing weekend, and we went to sleep for a few hours before driving home. Travelling home was, as always, a less enjoyable experience than going there. But it was still a great time, hanging out with team Copenhagen and buying some tax-free gifts for my girlfriend.

The props

Chris – everything. Great guy, fantastic enthusiasm and motivation to make Euro Worlds come true. Hope you´ll use your travel voucher to visit ‘the-soon-to-be-planned’ Toola Regional next year.

Angelo – fantastic player, fantastic person. 3 tough games that could’ve gone either way, and any decision in the two games could’ve decided the entire finals. The first game was by far one of the best games I’ve played. Nice to see you provide Chris with the secret trophy and helping with the day 1 event.

Krypto – we had some good games and you were the first player to ever beat my Ties (Angelo did it again later so I guess I need to create a new dark side deck…)

DDM - reporting, judging, helping out. Hope you get back to playing next year so we get the chance to play each other when I am not drunk.

Marvin, Tamas and the other guys helping with organizing, reporting etc.

My fellow Swedes Pär, Gunnar, Kristoffer for a great time. And for almost winning the Viking War. And Pär for the play testing, travel company etc.

All the Danish “Vikings”. Great road trips, parties, after parties, play testing etc. The Viking War will continue next year.

Extra props to Kristian Lund for organizing the trip, handing me my * trophy and for the epic game we had on Day 0.

The Americans for making the trip over. Great seeing you, and I hope we get a chance to travel to Worlds in US next year.

Zu den vier winden – awesome venue. Friendly staff, nice food, cheap beer. What more can you ask for when playing SWCCG?

Stefan - for teaming up with me in the team tournament

Everyone else who came to the tournaments and making this such a huge success.


Not getting my Choke Vader to do anything in any of the three games on Day 3. Top-decking them twice against Krypto, failing to choke against Angelo, not seeing them at all against Marc. He was extremely useful in play testing, but acted like a random scrub on Day 3.

Emil W. Sweden

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LS Region: Toola
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Re: Worlds Day 2 and Day 3 - Report

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Great reports, both of them Emil. Another gratz on the win, and yeah, lets get one hell of a Toola regional next year!!!
- Casper Jørgensen
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Re: Worlds Day 2 and Day 3 - Report

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A great read! Thanks

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