Philly Mini-Con October 1st and 2nd

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Philly Mini-Con October 1st and 2nd

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So the WoW guys are in Philly running another of their Cons like Vegas, and are generously donating us some playing space. I am creating a tournament schedule now and hope to have something posted by the end of the week.

For those in the area who would consider going to this event(and only those considering going) please see below and post some feedback.

Philadelphia convention center
1101 arch st
Philadelphia pa

If you have been to Wizard world Philly its usually in this building. The Reading Terminal Market is right across the street if that helps, and its very near to the Ben Franklin Bridge for those driving.


Saturday October 1st:

Worlds 2k Constructed Event- $15 entry fee
6 games, SOS. (if less than 10 players sign up it will be 4 games with a Final instead)
10:30am Registration, 11am Start time
Guaranteed $125 to first place, with larger & additional cash prizes based on attendance

Sealed Deck event #1- $10-15 entry fee based on product available- working with Scott on this
3 games, Differential (if more than 10 players sign up it will be 4 games)
5:30pm Reg, 6pm Start time
Rares/Foils for prizes

Sunday October 2nd:
Open Constructed event- $10 start
4 games, SOS
10am Registration, 10:30am start time
Guaranteed $100 to first place, with larger/additional cash prizes based on attendance

Sealed Deck event #2- $10 entry- Product to be determined still- this may be more of a fixed sealed, with OTSD-like product.
3 games, Differential- this unlikely to be able to increase to 4 games due to time constraints of the WoW guys.
3pm Registration, 3:30pm start
Rares/Foils for prizes

Grand Prize trophy for the “Weekend Warrior” with the highest point total for the weekend. Each event will award a player X points, which are based on where they finished and how many people were in that event(like we do with league points- 10 players, you take 1st you get 10 points, 2nd gets 9 etc..). Highest Cumulative score win the Trophy(and this will be the only glass awarded for the weekend).

Post below if you plan on attending so we can get a registration list going. Once we get enough people signed up and confirmed, I can update the $$ prizes to incentivize those on the fence further :)

Pre-Registration List:
Chris Gogolen
Greg Shaw
Greg Hodur
Jack McGuigan
Scott Advocate
Pete Flamini
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