Nationals and the Future of SWCCG...

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Re: Nationals and the Future of SWCCG...

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*i need darkside:
knowledge and defense (V) + the 12 best shieds. (must have) ***************************
combat readiness (V) (must have)***********************************
Enter the bureaucrat x4
Kashyyk: slaving camp headquarter (must have)************************************
nichuba na (V) (must have)*****************************************
breached defenses (v) (must have)*******************************************

Light side:
anger fear aggression (V) + the 12 best lightside shields (must have)***********************
careful planning (v) (must have)*******************************
han,chewie and the falcon (V)
threepio with his parts showing
alderan consoler ship
wedge in red squadron
padme naberrie
wokling (V) (must have) ****************************

****i will pay top dollar/trade for any of these; i just wanna be able to play.

any help will be greatly appreciate. if anyone can get me all my must haves i will pay their entry fee and buy them dinner!

please call chris haglund at 21-341-6212

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