Linsanity Mysltil

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Linsanity Mysltil

Post by Advocate »

I noticed a tweaked version was played by Grant B. How did he do?

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Re: Linsanity Mysltil

Post by dewaddict6 »

I'm not sure how Grant did with it on Saturday, but I played a version pretty close to yours on Sunday and the deck performed really well.

I would have gone 2-1 with it, maybe 3-0, if I don't blow myself out. I doubled up on Surprise because I thought it was a really good card and all its potential uses were unfathomable. Turns out I should have thought more about those uses, because I could have wrecked both QMC match ups if I just use the Surprise I was holding in my hand pretty much all game. What's that, you're going to Path Luke W/ Saber away? No no, I think you mean Kebyc will pay a visit to Shada and her destroyer droids.... SURPRISE!

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