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SoCal WYSv

Post by AnakinSolo »

So, I saw Kevins WYSv and thought AH, he decided the thing holding wysv back was the corellians.

Can someone explain how this deck worked in practice.

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Re: SoCal WYSv

Post by spideyguy0 »

Corelians suck. Aside from Han they're all power 2 ability 2 if that. They don't draw bd on their own and they're kinda just scrubs. Jedi are more powerful. Duh
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Re: SoCal WYSv

Post by quesosauce37 »

if you can flip the obj with like brukman/other dingus you get some awesome benefits, as well as the free falc to start
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Re: SoCal WYSv

Post by Airdog2003 »

MAVanDriel wrote:So, I saw Kevins WYSv and thought AH, he decided the thing holding wysv back was the corellians.

Can someone explain how this deck worked in practice.
First off, please refer to this deck as "SoCal Pseudo WYSv". We have a real WYSv list. This gimmick of a deck is not it.

Team SoCal has had this deck in the bag for years...pretty much ever since WYSv became popular. When Temporary Foothold came out, the deck got better. I'm not sure what part needs explanation. You start Gen Solo v and use him to pull the BackDoor and That's One v. You have the option to go hard at your opponent with Mains and toys or set up a big drain of 4+ at the Backdoor. Not having to pay for Battle Plan is a nice boost that helps accelerate the deck. Menace Fades usually makes the list and helps in damage races.

The deck is probably Tier 1.5 at best. Like many decks, it has some good matchups and some bad ones. It's a bit goofy but is currently undefeated (1-0 whooohooo!) in tourney play.
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Re: SoCal WYSv

Post by Kevbozzz »

Actually SoCal Pseudo-Step is 4-0 after CA States :)
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Re: SoCal WYSv

Post by The Franchise »

not a bad deck, but chus version was better

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Re: SoCal WYSv

Post by sac89837 »

Kevbozzz wrote:Actually SoCal Pseudo-Step is 4-0 after CA States :)
I can't believe I lost that game after clearing, Jedi Luke, Mace, Qui-Gonn, Lando and Corran and only losing Guri and a Vigo. Why oh why didn't I grab that sense ;)
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