Amazing Success Story...

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Amazing Success Story...

Post by Walsetmd »

To All:

Nationals was an amazing time thanks to the hard work and dedication from many people. People probably already know we hit 45 for Nationals, and the title was taken by the amazing SoCal Team. I'd like to thank all of the players who traveled across the country (or ocean) to make Nationals a success. The tournament was fun with some amazing play and creativity (see deck lists).

The Rosemount Open was a prime example of exactly how we work together to strengthen the "game." 30 people came and participated, and the event generated $600 which went toward our community here in Rosemount, MN.

Special Thanks To...
The PC for donating the 3 V-Cards, Rares and the Bye to NAC
Garrett for running a smooth Tournament
Jim Li who donated even though he did not play
John Anderson who donated more than the suggested $20
National's Champion Aaron Nelson who graciously donated $100
And everyone else who took the time to come and play, donate cash and cards

Without these people and the everyone else out there, the program here in Rosemount couldn't continue.

The Rosemount Championship tournament was this past weekend. 18 Players came including Thomas F (Top 6 Nationals) and Mitch N (Winner and undefeated Rosemount Open). Mitch claimed his 2nd title as the Best Rosemount Player.

This year the PC has sent me an amazing collection of Enhanced Cloud City, Jabba's Palace, Premier, along with a few other key rares like Imperial Atrocity to be given out to new players. I myself have purchased 2 Boxes of Reflections III, one Box of Reflections II, and 2 Boxes of Reflections I, along with other major items as well. All of which were given out this year to the future generation of players. And has it worked? George D. an 8th grader, Nationals was his first tournament went 4 - 4 finishing 20th out of 45, and at the Rosemount Open went 4 -2 to finish 4th (ahead of great people like Mark Peterson and John Anderson). He is just one example of the success we've had this year. I'm hoping that Jessica E, will be my first female student who returns next year and makes the commitment to SWCCG for many more years to come. I fully expect at least 10 of these 8th graders to return next year and participate during the 2013 Tournament Season.

Leading up to this event many people said, "Mark, I can't come, but would love to contribute."
Here's how...

Cash Donation - Pay Pal

Send money to e-mail account

Card Donation - Snail Mail

3135 143rd St West
Rosemount, MN 55068
Attn: Walseth

Only with your help can we continue to grow and add new life to the SWCCG Community here in Rosemount.

Sorry it took me so long to write this. Kinda wanted a week off from any SWCCG thinking.

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Re: Amazing Success Story...

Post by Kevbozzz »

The things you do for your kids are absolutely amazing. It was great to see, I look forward to going back and seeing how they've improved next year!
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Re: Amazing Success Story...

Post by AnakinSolo »

A story about card donations.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have absolutely terrible card selection. While I have some decent stuff, I am constantly asking to borrow commons and uncommons because my collection is pretty small. Despite this, after the semester ended in May, I went through my cards and pruned my collection. Anything that wasn't rare, that wasn't an obvious card to run a swarm of, I pruned my collection down to 4 copies of, plus whatever was in the 8 decks I currently had built, plus i have about 100 vcards glued on that I didn't include. Despite this extremely limited scope, I still managed to find 1000 cards to send to Walseth (which i have not done yet cause I left them in Columbia).

I know that everyone has different situations, but I believe that anyone who looks through their collection should be able to easily find a significant number of cards that you will never use and he will. I highly suggest donating them to Walseth. It will free up room in house, and the cards will get put to good use.
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Re: Amazing Success Story...

Post by Airdog2003 »

Kevbozzz wrote:The things you do for your kids are absolutely amazing. It was great to see, I look forward to going back and seeing how they've improved next year!
I concur with Kevin. Your efforts and dedication to the game continue to amaze me. It was great to meet you and your students. Thanks for hosting a great event and keep up the excellent work.
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